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Sri Name of the temple: Sri Punnai Srinivasaperumal Temple temple
Moolavar: Presiding deity: Srinivasaperumal
  Urchavar: Procession deity: Srinivasaperumal accompanied His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi
  Amman / Thayar: Mother-Goddess: Padhmavati, Andal
  Thala Virutcham: Holy tree: Punnai
  Theertham: Holy spring: Saravana Poigai
  Agamam / Pooja : Agama/puja procedure: Pancharatra
  Old year: 500 years old
  Historical Name: Scriptural name: Punnayadi
  City: Place: Punnainagar
  District: Thoothukudi
  State: Tamil Nadu
  The temple is praised by Alwars in their hymns.  
  Festivals: Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January, Thai Pongal almost on January 14, Parivettai the next day, Special pujas for Lord Muruga on Kruthika star days are the festivals celebrated in the temple.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  Significance: The rays of Sun fall on Lord’s right hand every day as if seeking His blessings.  
Opening Time:
  Temple timings: The temple is open from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.  
  +91- 4639- 278 055, 279 077, 94443 96993, 93829 06220 
 General Information:

General information: There are separate Rajagopurams for Lord Perumal and Lord Shiva facing east. The temple is built conforming to the Agama rules combining northern architecture and of Chera, Chola and Pandya models.

Near the temple are 9 Vishnu temples belonging to the 108 Divyadesa fame known as Nava Tirupathis. Those coming for Nava Tirupati darshan may visit this temple too in their own interest.

The other significance is that the famous Tiruchendur Murugan Temple, revered as one of the six army camps (Aaru Padai Veedu) of Lord Muruga is very near this temple. Those coming for either of these temples have the facility of visiting the other temple too.

The consecration of the temple was grandly performed on 9th July, 2009. It is noteworthy that within five months of the consecration 5 lakh devotees had visited the temple. Pujas are performed five times a day – 5 Kala puja.


Prayer: Lord Perumal responds to every prayer of every devotee. He is an ocean of mercy.

Thanks giving:
  Prayer Commitments: Devotees arrange performance of Tirumanjanam to Lord offering Vastras. 
 Greatness Of Temple:

Reputation: The temple was built in 22 days on a land measuring 23,000 sq.ft. in accordance with the rules of Mayan Sastra with Main Tower-Rajagopuram, followed by Festival Hall, Prakara Mandap, Maha Mandap, Artha Mandap and Sanctum Sanctorum.

Lord Raja Ganapathy greets and graces the devotees sooner they enter the temple. The Festival Hall – Utsav Mandap is huge in size to facilitate conducting cultural programmes and lectures.

While entering the Mahamandap-Ashtalakshmi Mandap, we are graced by Chakarathazhwar and Yoga Narasimha. Perumal graces in a standing form in the sanctum sanctorum as in Tirupati facing east, giving the feeling that the devotee is in Tirupati. He graces in the Arthmandapa with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu is aesthetically sculpted in the temple. Mother Padmavathi graces from a separate shrine in the Kannimoola direction.

Sri Vadapalani Murugan, Sri Krupanandavariar, Sri Rajagopalan, Thanigai Murugan with Valli and Deivanai grace from separate shrines. Sri Andal graces from northwest corner. In the outer prakara-corridor of Sri Srinivasaperumal, Ganapathi and Dakshinamurthy grace facing south. Behind are Guruvayurappan, Vishnu Durga facing north, Anjaneya facing north east and Garudalwar in Mahamandap worshipping Perumal.

Sri Adinarayana, in Perumal embracing Lord Shiva (Sivan Anaindha Perumal) temple grace from the sanctum sanctorum in a standing form giving us the feeling as if He speaks to us. On His right are Peria Palavesam, Chinna Palavesam in separate shrines. Sivan Anaindha Perumal graces facing north while Mother Sivakami facing south, Brahmma Shakti and Pechi grace from their respective shrines.

There are shrines for the village deities Pookkan Palavesam, Sudalai, Mundan, Chappani Muthu, Ladguru Sanyasi, Muthupillai Amman, Irulappar, Nattani Palavesam in the temple prakara.

Tirumanjanam is performed for the presiding deity on Fridays and for the procession deity on Wednesdays. Devotees believe that obstacles on wedding proposal would go off if they join this puja. Ekantha Seva darshan on Thursdays relieve the devotees from the adverse aspects of Saturn.

Devotees are happy that Perumal blesses them in all ways. The Naga Kanniamman temple is close to this temple. The Shakti in the temple helps devotees in their marriage efforts and also relieve them from the adverse aspects of Rahu-Kethu planets. People suffering from paralytic problems light lamps near the Vadamudakki tree here.

  Temple History:

History: The place assumed the name Punnayadi as it was a dense forest with Punnai trees used for grazing cattle. According to scriptures, Perumal-Lord Vishnu is closely associated with Punnai trees. The holy tree of Srirangam temple also is the Punnai tree. Perumal graces His darshan sitting on the Punnai Vahan on the 9th day of Brahmmotsav in all Vishnu temples. This emphasizes the significance of Punnai tree. People enjoy the full blessings of the Lord on Punnai Vahana.

The temple is built with the blessings of Sri Tirumuruga Krupananda Variar, a great spiritual leader of our times without any Saivite and Vaishnavite discrimination. The Adinarayana temple is very ancient on the banks of River Tambiraparani in a serene environment.

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