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Sri Kodandaramar temple
Moolavar: Kodandaramar
  Amman / Thayar:
  Thala Virutcham:
  Agamam / Pooja :
  Old year: 500-1000 years old
  Historical Name:
  City: Ondimitta
  District: Kadapa
  State: Andhra Pradesh
  Sri Rama Navami in April-May and Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January are the festivals celebrated in the temple.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  Lord Sri Kodandaramar appears from the sanctum sanctorum in His alluring best with bow and arrow.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 5.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and from 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.  
  Sri Kodandaramar temple, Ondimitta, Cudappa district, Andhra Pradesh.  
 General Information:

This is one of the famous Lord Sri Rama temples in the country.  Every sculpture in the Mandap of the temple speaks the glorious stories of Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Dasavatharas, Sethu Bandana (the bridge from Rameswaram to Sri Lanka), Govardana Giri, Kalinga Nardanam and many such related to our great Itihasas and Puranas.  Sita Kalyanam – Rama meeting Sita – and dance sculptures of a cow and elephant in the Kali Gopura are divine feasts devotees enjoy in the temple.


Devotees seeking child boon perform pujas to Lord Santhana Gopalakrishna (Salagrama idol).  They also circumambulate the anthill 11 times in the northeast of the temple with its feet symbol of Rama Paduka for same purpose, fame and wedding boon.

Thanks giving:
  Devotees perform abishek to Lord with milk and honey and offer vastras 
 Greatness Of Temple:

The temple small in size with a sanctum sanctorum in the past is presently grown large in size.  The history of the temple is available from the stone inscriptions and sculptures of the Chola period.  Vijayanagara kings had done many renovations.   Lord Rama as an unconquerable archer is in His alluring best with bow and arrow accompanied by His illustrious brother Lakshmana and Mother Sita.  It is the faith of the devotees that darshan of Lord Rama will relieve them from threats of enemies.  Sri Anjaneya in His Anjali Hastha – worshipping hands – graces from a separate shrine.  Lord Narayana graces the devotees in sitting form with Mother Sridevi and Bhoodevi and Adisesha behind as an umbrella.  The temple follows Pancharatra procedures for the pujas.  Sri Rama Navami is the important festival of the temple.

  Temple History:

Great Vaishnavite scholar Ayyarajulu Ramabadra, author of Ramabyudhyam had the blessings of Mother Sita even while he was too young.  This is also the place where Srimad Bhagavatam in Telugu was born at the hands of Sri Pammare Bhodanamadyalu.  When he had some difficulty in explaining certain events, Lord Rama directly helped him clearing his doubts.

 A Nawab proceeding to his fort – Siddhu Vadam Kottai – relaxed here on the way.  He saw somebody arguing about the existence of a God.  Nawab ordered closure of the temple doors seeking a solution to the debate.  He heard the voice – Ram, Ram.  Shocked and surprised, Nawab immediately ordered digging of a well for the abishek of Lord Rama.  There are many such stories about the temple which devotees exchange with one another.

Special Features:
  Miracle Based: Lord Sri Ramachandra appears majestically in the sanctum sanctorum with His bow and arrow
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