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Sri Masani Amman temple
Moolavar: Masani Amman
  Urchavar: Masani Amman
  Amman / Thayar: Masani Amman
  Thala Virutcham: -
  Theertham: -
  Agamam / Pooja :
  Old year: 500 years old
  Historical Name:
  City: Erichanatham
  District: Virudhunagar
  State: Tamil Nadu
  The car festival in Chithirai month (April-May) is grandly celebrated in the temple.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  Amman idol is made of five metals – Aimpon Silai in Tamil. Amman is installed on the western side in ground floor facing north on a five hooded serpent. During festival days Amman is taken to river on April-May puja days and 16 abisheks are performed. She also presides over the Yagas-Homas during these puja days.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.  
  Sri Masani Amman Temple, Erichanatham – 626 103, Vatrayiruppu, Virudhunagar.  
  +91 8870208911, 98421 71669 
 General Information:
  Lord Amudha Vinayaka:  He graces from the northeast corner facing east. Murai Karuppusami is the custodian deity in the south west corner. Masana Karuppu is on a peeta facing west in the front Mandap of Masana Kottai. The idol of Ahbishek Amman is sculpted in a single stone and placed facing north.
Saptha Kannikas - Brahmmasri, Maheswari, Gaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indirani and Chamundi are on the western side on a Peeta facing east.
Maha Muneeswarar is placed before the main Peeta of Amman with a direct look facing south. Munnadi Karuppusami, facing south relieves drug addicts from this evil habit.  Family members of such liquor addicts worship him with green coconuts.
There are 108 Karuppuswamis in the temple as one Karuppusami for every one step and for every one second (Adikku Oruvan, Nodikku Oruvn). Masani Amman graces from the Sanctum sanctorum surrounded by 108 Karuppusamis.  Those who are unable to get solutions for their problems from their own family deities, pray in this temple.  To those who are unaware of their own family deities, Masani Amman guides them to their own deities.  The problems of people are suitably solved through soothsaying in the temple.  While in a crisis, if a devotee thinks of Karuppusamis, they come to their rescue.  It is the commitment of Karuppusamis to the devotees.

People pray in the temple for various wishes such as job opportunities, for solutions in problems in marital life, problems in the residence, in trade and business, problems during travels, in court cases, enemy plans, black magic fear, health and such reasons.

Thanks giving:
  Realizing their wishes, devotees offer garlands to Amman made of 108 lime fruits. They also offer garlands of other flowers, sari, glass bangles. Those who seek child boon offer lime fruit garlands and bangles. 
 Greatness Of Temple:
  Naga Kanni blesses the devotees from the ground floor behind the sanctum sanctorum.  Her idol is made of a single stone.
Masani Amman: The main idol of Masani Amman in reclining form is 16 feet long on a serpent of 3 layers representing 3 worlds and a five hooded serpent representing the Panchabhoodas - fire, space, water, earth and air (Vayu).  The sand required for the idol was collected from 16,000 houses.  The idol was made of sand, gold and stones supported by the grace of Amman too.   Many herbals and the prayer garlands of the devotees are also placed inside the idol.
Pechi Amman:  Graces from sanctum sanctorum with Masani Amman on the eastern side facing north.  People pray to both for child boon.
Rakachi Amman:  She has Her place on the western side in the sanctum also facing north.  Devotees pray to Rakachi Amman for relief from black magic impact, enemy plans, success in court cases and health.
Masana Kottai Dhyana Lingeswarar:  The meditation hall built below the sanctum sanctorum is designed very thoughtfully. Lord Shiva appears here facing north in penance form.  Opposite to him is Lord Dhyana Lingeswara.  People choose this place for mental peace.
  Temple History:

A puja was organized by the devotees in the Aamanachi Amman temple on the banks of Erichandham tank according to the wishes of the devotees and the approval of the Goddess on 14th September, 2003.  The devotees were shown the spot where the Dhyaneswara Peetam should be built.  It was decided to make the Aimpon (an alloy of five metals) idol of Mother Masani Amman on the first day of Aadi month (July – August) and the idol also was made then.  The idol was made in the premises of Annai Masani Amman Devotees Association at 5th street of Theni Forest.  The idol was ready on 32nd day of Aadi month being also the new moon day.  The idol was kept in a wooden box.  The pujas went on for 6 months.  A Vasthu Puja – selecting an auspicious place – was also conducted to build a fort in Erichandam village.  The idol of Masani Amman was taken out of the wooden box on Thai (January-February) Pongal day in the year 2005.  The idol was taken in procession through Theni, Madharai, Usilampatti and Chettiapatti.  The idol was then installed in Erichandam Masanakottai.

Special Features:
  Miracle Based: Before the building of Masani Amman Kottai, the idol of Amman was placed in the western side in the ground floor below the sanctum sanctorum. She is facing north.The Chithirai (April-May) procession festival is grandly celebrated in the temple.
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