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Sri Kutram Poruttha Naathar temple
Moolavar: Kutram Poruttha Naathar(Aparaathakshameswarar)
  Urchavar: -
  Amman / Thayar: Kolvalai Naayaki (Vichithra Valayaambigai)
  Thala Virutcham: Kodi Mullai (Creeper Jasmine)
  Theertham: Suriya Pushkarini, Potraamarai
  Agamam / Pooja : Kaarana, Kaamiya Aagamam
  Old year: 1000-2000 years old
  Historical Name: Karuppariyalur, Karmanaasapuram
  City: Thalaignaayiru
  District: Nagapattinam
  State: Tamil Nadu
  Poets   :   Sambandar, Sundarar   Thevaram   Vedamotu vediyarkal velvi mutalaakap Podinotu pothumalar kontu punaikinra Naathan ena nallirulmun aatukuzhai thaazhum Kaathavan iruppathu karuppariyalure.                                                                            -Thirujnaanasambandar   This is the 27th place of the holy places situated in the northern banks of river Kaveri, celebrated by Thevaram.  
  On the Thirukkaarthigai and Thiruvaathirai days, the Lord goes on procession. All festivals related to Lord Siva are celebrated in a grand manner.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  The Lord of this place appears as swayambu murthi.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and again from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.  
  Arulmigu Kutram Poruttha Naathar Tirukkoil, Thalaignaayiru – 614 712; (Thiruk karuppariyalur) Nagapatinam District.  
  +91- 4364 - 258 833 
 General Information:

The Vinayagar in this holy place graces us in the name ‘Siddhi Vinayagar’.  This temple is built as a ‘hill temple’ in the model of Sattainaathar temple at Sirkaali.  Hence, this holy place is known as “melaikkaazhi”.  From the first floor of the temple Lord Uma Maheswarar and from the second floor Lord Sattainaathar grace the devotees.  Lord Chandikeswarar appears with His spouse in the sitting posture.


Those with no issues, persons whose babies die in infancy due to curse, devotees who pray for male issues or female issues worship the deity of this holy place.

Thanks giving:
  When the prayers are fulfilled, the devotees perform pooja to Lord Dakshinamurthi of this place. 
 Greatness Of Temple:

King Vichitraangan with his wife Suseelai came to this place and worshipped to beget issues.  He was blessed with a child and the happy King erected this beautiful temple – so says history.  Since Sungod worshipped in this place, this place came to be known as ‘Thalaignaayiru’.  Lord Brahma informed the sage Vasishta that all the good deeds performed in this holy place would multiply tenfold. The legend states that sage Vasishta  installed a Lingam here, worshipped it and blessed with highest wisdom.  72 maharishis have attained ‘mukthi’ or liberation after worshipping the deity here. Those who come and worship here will not be in the mother’s womb in the next janma is the belief.  That is, they will not be born again. The traditional belief is that they will reach the feet of Lord Siva.  Hence, this holy place is called ‘Karuppariyalur’.


Relief of Hanuman’s dosham or curse:  Lord Rama, in order to be relieved off the dosham of killing Ravana during the war, wanted perform Siva pooja.  He asked Hanuman to bring a Sivalingam in a few hours time.  Hanuman accepted the command and went towards the northern side.  Since he did not return within the stipulated time, Lord Rama created a Lingam in the sand, installed it and worshipped.  Where Lord Rama performed pooja to Lord Siva became ‘Rameswaram’.  Hanuman was sad to know that the Lingam was installed before he returned.  And he also pulled that Lingam by binding it with his tail, but could not do so.  Because of his action, Hanuman was penalized.  Lord Rama advised him that if he performed tapasya to Lord Siva, he would get rid off the penalty.  Accordingly, Hanuman did tapasya and Lord Siva appeared before him and said: “ Hanuman! You go to Kanmapuram also called Thalaignayiru and worship. You will be relieved of this curse.”  Thus the Lord graced him.  Hanuman, as directed by the Lord, came to Thalaignayiru, worshipped the deity and got free of his curse. Surprised at the immense benevolence of Lord Siva, he installed a Lingam in his own name at the North-eastern part of this sacred place and began worshipping it.  Now, this place is known as ‘Thirukkurakkaa’.

  Temple History:

Meganaathan was the son of Ravana.  Since he won Lord Indra in the war, he was known as ‘Indrajit’.  Once, Indrajit was flying in his pushpaka vimaanam across the sky.  Suddenly the flight of the vimaanam was impeded.  When he looked down he understood that he was flying over Siva’s temple and so this impediment had happened to him.  Indrajit was sad and he worshipped the deity of this place after taking bath in the sacred theertham.  He also tried to shift this wonderful Lingam to Lankapuri.  But he could not and fell unconscious in the process.  Ravana came to know about this incident.  He surrendered to the Lord’s feet, pleaded to Him to pardon his son and bestow blessings on him.  The kind Lord did so.  Hence, the deity of this sacred place is called ‘Kutram Poruttha Naathar’.

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