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Sri Ramaswami temple
Moolavar: Ramaswami
  Urchavar: -
  Amman / Thayar: -
  Thala Virutcham:
  Theertham: -
  Agamam / Pooja : -
  Old year: 500 years old
  Historical Name: -
  City: Kumbakonam
  District: Thanjavur
  State: Tamil Nadu
  Sri Rama Navami is celebrated in the temple with special pujas in March-April – Panguni Tamil month. On the Masi Maga day in February-March, Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita visit the Maga Magam Temple Tank for a bath and offer Theertha Prasad to devotees.  
 Temple's Speciality:
  Lord Sri Rama blesses the devotees with all his brothers and Mother Sita. While Sri Hanuman appears with his club in all Vaishnava temples, he is holding a Veena here.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.  
  Arulmigu Ramasamy Temple, kumbakonam-612001, Thanjavur  
  +91 435 2401788 
 General Information:

There are many temples in India for Lord Sri Rama.  There is a temple for Sri Bharatha in Iringnalakuda in Kerala state.  But all Rama Brothers appear together only Ayodhya temple in U.P., Ayodhyapattanam in Salem district and in Kumbakonam. Lords Vinayaka, Bhoovarahaswami are in the wall around the sanctum sanctorum.  There is also a shrine for Lord Perumal with Mothers Sridevi and Bhoodevi.  Ramayana scenes are drawn in herbal colours.   School Children are taken to this temple for learning the Ramayana story.  The temple was built 400 years ago by king Ragunatha Naicker.


Those facing obstacles in their wedding proposals pray here as Lord and Mother appear in their wedding posture.  In Ayodhya, they appear in coronation style.

Thanks giving:
  Devotes perform Tirumanjanam to Lord and offer vastras. 
 Greatness Of Temple:

Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita are seated together in the sanctum sanctorum in wedding posture.  In Other temples they grace from their separate shrines.  Devotees believe that praying in this temple would bring them a match with a sacrificial quality for the sake of the other.  Satrugna is on the left of Lord with a Samara fanning his brother, Bharatha holding the Royal Umbrella and Hanuman on the right and Lakshmana appears with his bow as usual.


Sri Anjaneya graces here with a Veena against his usual appearance with a club.  He is free here from the war mind and singing the glory of Lord Rama.  This also shows that Sri Hanuman is not only an erudite scholar but a good musician too.  He is holding the Ramayana epic in one hand.  It is said that He is singing the Ramayana story.  The temple has all the features that Ramayana tells us and is a feast to Rama bhaktas.

  Temple History:

Dasaratha King of Ayodhya was sad as he had no issues to look after the kingdom after him.  As advised by Guru Vasishta, he conducted a yajna called Puthrakameshti Yajna seeking child boon.  To establish Dharma on Earth Lord Vishnu was born to him as Rama from his first queen Kausalya.  Vishnu’s Adisesha and conch were born as Lakshmana and Satrugna to his their queen Sumitra.  Bharatha representing Vishnu’s discus was born to the second queen Kaikeyi and was a symbol of Dharma himself.  Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Satrugna were born on very auspicious days with Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha as their birth stars respectively.  All the four brothers were a living and practical example in human forms of the rule of Vedas.  Rama and Lakshmana were close to each other while Satrugna was close to Bharatha.


Bharatha, an outstanding example of the political dharma of the days, ruled Ayodhya as its acting Governor of Rama from the Nandhi Grama placing Rama’s sandals on the throne.  He ruled till the return of Rama from his exile after 14 years.

Their wives excelled their husbands in upholding Dharmas.


No power on earth could separate the brothers.  They were united by soul and mind.  Lord Sri Rama in the temple appears as on the Coronation Day in Ayodhya with His consort Mother Sita who suffered untold suffering during their exile, Lakshmana who was only happy to share the hardships of jungle life along with his brother, Bharatha and Satrugna whose sacrifice deserves all praise and Sri Anjaneya who was the soul of Rama in deciding His final victory over Ravana.  After Ayodhya in U.P. this is the temple in Kumbakonam in the coronation style, a pilgrim town known for its famous temples and Theertha – Sacred waters – importance.

Special Features:
  Miracle Based: Lord Sri Rama blesses the devotees with all his brothers and Mother Sita. While Sri Hanuman appears with his club in all Vaishnava temples, he is holding a Veena here.
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