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Sri Panangaateeswarar temple
Moolavar: Panangaateeswarar
  Urchavar: -
  Amman / Thayar: Sathyaambikai, Puravammai
  Thala Virutcham: Palm Tree
  Theertham: Padmathirtham
  Agamam / Pooja : -
  Old year: 1000-2000 years old
  Historical Name: Puravaar Panangkaatoor
  City: Panaiyapuram
  District: Viluppuram
  State: Tamil Nadu
  TirujnaanasampantarPoem : ThevaramVinnamarnthana mummatilkalaiViiļavenkannaiyaal eitaay viriPannamarntoli cérpuravaar panangkaatoorpPennmarntoru paakamaakiyaPijnjna pirai cérnuthalitaikKaņ amarnthavanéKalanthaarkku arulaayé.---TirujnaanasampantarThis is the 20th holy place of the ‘Middle Holy Places’ (Natu N  
  Maha Sivarathiri, Markali Tiruvaathirai, Aippasi Annabhishekam  
 Temple's Speciality:
  The Prime Deity, Panangkaateeswarar graces us as swayambu murthi. Every year the first seven days of the month Chithirai, every morning the sun-rays first fall on the Lord and then on Ambikai.  
Opening Time:
  The temple is open from morning 6’o clock till 11.00 and from 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm.  
  Arulmigu Panangaateeswarar Tirukkoil, Panaiyapuram P.O. – 605 603; via-Mundiyampakkam, Villupuram District.  
  +91-99420 56781 
 General Information:
  There are three inscriptions in this holy place. The inscriptions of kings Kulotunga Cholan the First, Konerinmai Kondan, Parakesari Aadhi Rajendra Devan are available. In the inscriptions, this temple is noted as Tiruppuravaar Panangaatutaiyaar Temple and the Lord’s name is inscribed as Tiruppanangaatutaiya Mahadevar.
  The devotees pray to the Lord for the removal of hurdles for marriage, to get good issues and to be the best in knowledge and wisdom.
Thanks giving:
  After the fulfillment of their prayers, the devotees perform abhishekam to the Lord and offer new clothes. They also donate their munificence to the temple renovation. 
 Greatness Of Temple:
  This is the place worshipped by Sun God. In the outer paved corridor are the sanctum of Lord Vinayaka and Arumuga. Nearer to this are the three sacred Palm trees. The sanctum of Goddess is also east facing, the Goddess in the standing posture. Women gate-securities are in mortar-structure. After worshipping Dwara Ganapati and Dhandapani, we can go in and worship Sathyambigai. We can reach the sanctum of the Lord after worshipping the Navagrahas, going around and then paying obeisances to the Flag-post. In the inner paved corridor are the sanctum of Vinayaka, Arumuga, Sani Bhagawan, Navagrahas, Sun, the 63 Nayanmar, Saptamaathas, Lord on the Rishaba vahana, Tirumal, Gajalakshmi, Naalvar, Bhikshaatanar, Dakshinamurthi, Brahma, Linghotbavar, Durga, Chantikeswarar, Nataraja, and Somaskandar. There is a rare image of Tiruneelakantar with his wife, both holding together the staff and praying with joined palms. This is one of the five holy places which have Palm tree as Sacred tree. To distinguish it from the other holy places, this was named ‘Puravaar Panangaatoor’ since it was surrounded by thick woods (puravu: grove, wood / forest).As this holy place was enclosed by the woods of Mullai region, the place is called ‘Puravaar Panangaatoor’. In order to protect the pigeon that surrendered to him Sibi Chakravarthi came forward to yield his eyes. The Lord appreciating his duteous mind, graced the king in return, his lost eyes. Hence, the Lord of this place came to be known as ‘kanparitthu aruliya katavul’.
  Temple History:
  Daksha abusing Lord Siva performed a yagna. All the devas who attended the yagna and took the yagna-food (avirbhaagam), became the butt of Lord Siva’s fury. As dictated by Lord Siva, Aghora Veerabhadrar went to Daksha’s yagna-hall and punished all the devas. The Sun lost his lustre because of the punishment. Regretting this unpardonable mistake, he went to several holy places, worshipped Lord Siva, prayed to Him with all earnestness and got restored his old bright form that gave light to the entire world. ‘Puravaar Panangaatoor’ is one of the sacred places where the Sun worshipped Lord Siva.
Special Features:
  Miracle Based: The Prime Deity, Panangkaateeswarar graces us as swayambu murthi. Every year the first seven days of the month Chithirai, every morning the sun-rays first fall on the Lord and then on Ambikai.
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