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January 31,2011
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The asura(demon) Hiranyakasibu had immeasurable Bhakthi towards Lord Shiva. Once He under the advice of Sukrachariar, the guru for asuras, started doing tapas(penance). Appreciating his tapas Lord Shiva appeared before him and asked him what boons he wished to have from HIM. He asked a boon by which death should. not occur to him from five boothams(namely air, water, fire, sky,earth) weapons, celestials, human beings, birds, beasts, night and day . He also sanctioned the boon requested by him. Because of the boon he acquired he threatened the inhabitants of the three worlds. He made Devakanyas (woman celestials)to fan him. He ordered that Indra, Brahma should visit him daily to pay their respects and they should not worship anyone except him. Fearing him every one told Hiranyaya namaha(Praise be to Hiranya). But his son told ‘Sri Narayanaya namaha’. He got angry with his son and gave various troubles to his son and even made all efforts to kill him also. But nothing did work. Prahladan the son of Hiranya kashibu, was worshipping God Narayana all through day and night. His father got angry and asked his son “where your Narayanan” is. His son told him that he is in a  pillar as well as in thin piece (thurubu in tamil). He broke a pillar nearby saying whether your Narayanan is in this pillar also? Narasimham came out from inside of the pillar that he broke. At evening time, neither a human form nor a beast form but a combination of both Narasimham appeared and Killed Hiranyakashibu. He pierced his stomach with his hand nails by keeping him on his lap and took out his intestine and wore it around his neck as a garland.  He drank his blood. Everyone assembled there got afraid on seeing this sight.  Having tasted the blood he got wild and started eating the human beings also. An appeal was sent to Lord Shiva. He incarnated himself as Saraba moorthi with two heads, two wings,sharp nails, eight legs, long tail and made a big roar. He came near Narasimham  and shouting in a huge voice he cut the heads, hands . He also tore his skin and wore it as a upper garment and reached Mount Kailas. After Lord Shiva calmed down Tirumal reached his abode in Vaikundam

The form that Lord Shiva took To kill Hiranyakasibu and destroy the ego of Narasimham is called SIMHAKNA MOORTHI. To worship him one should go to Tiribhuvanam near Kumbakonam. By lighting a lamp in Raghu kalam and reciting sahasranamam marriage will take place soon. All obstacles will be removed. There is a temple for Saraba moorthi at Koymbedu in Chennai. If worshipped here on Sundaya raghu kalam one will get all that one aspires. Promotions in jobs  and peace in the family will also fructify. By doing abhishegam with the liquid got from crushing grapes  one will get strong body. Perform archana with Red lotus flowers and offering neivethyam of Paanagam(made out of jaggary and dry ginger(sukku in tamil) at protosam time on Monday one will get success in all his  efforts.Happy and peaceful family life are assured.

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