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January 31,2011
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Yagna Thathan was living in Tirucheignalur. His wife name was Paththirai. There son’s name is Visarasarumar. Because of his knowledge in his previous birth in this birth he was knowledge incarnate. Without getting trained from anyone he acquired the knowledge of Vedas. At the age seven sacred thread ceremony was performed on him. Without having been trained under any teacher he acquired knowledge himself and was leading life as told in vedagamam. He was in full confidence and also believed that Lord Shiva was only the person to guide him and lead him. In that state of affairs he saw a Brahmin boy who was with him beating a cow mercilessly. Visarasakumar took the job supervising cows’ movement himself. He learnt the greatness Gomatha(cow). He did that job very well. He took special care of them and reared them very well. Because of that they produced more quantity of milk than  they usually give. In between he on the banks of Manni river  under a fig tree(aththi in Tamil)he made a lingam by  sand and also made gopuram(temple tower) fort etc., and did pooja, milk abishegam to Lord Shiva also made of sand and worshipped him. Then it became his daily routine practice.  People who saw this complained to the seniors in the village and the seniors of the villsge in turn complained the same to the father of Visarasarumar. He replied to them that he will look into the matter. Next day morning when visarasarumar went to the river bed and while doing pooja and abhishegam with milk, his father gave a big blow on his back. Without feeling the pain caused by that blow visarasarumar continued with his pooja, abhishegam etc., His father’s anger increased further and he destroyed the milk pots. After this visarasarumar who came back to his senses took a stick nearby lying nearby which turned int an axe(mazhu in tamil) and cut the legs his father. Immediately Lord Shiva with his consort Parvathi Devi appeared before him. And said that HE  has made Visarasarumar as the leader of his devotees. And gave his flower, autham(nectar), head gear(Parivattam in tamil)to him. He removed the Konrai(Indian laburnum) flower garland  and garlanded with that. He gave the post of Sandesar. Since Lord Shiva blessed Visarasarumar with the post of Sandesae He is called  SANDESA MOORTHI.

The place beyond Cheignalur beyond Kumbakonam is known as Tiruvaipadi. The lord’s name here is Balugantha moorthi. His consort’s name is Periya Nayaki. He only has got the authority to offer the post Sandes. Only after worshipping the worship of Lord shiva will be complete. By worshipping Him one will get the power mind concentration. He should be worshipped on Pradosa(thirteenth day from both waxing and weaning of phases of Moon)
Mondays by performing Bilva archana, neivethyam of white rice  we will be blessed with good knowiedge and good thoughts. By worshipping Him with Panchakavyam(five products obtained from cow such as milk, curd, ghee, urine etc.,)one’s soul will get purified.

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