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January 31,2011
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Lord Shiva was in conversation with Parvathi Devi. At that time she told her husband that because she was the aughter of Dakshan she got the name Daakshayini. ‘I don’t like this name. So you should grant me a boon so as to change that name’. Immeditely Lord Shiva answered her that the king of Parvatha mountain is doing tapas(penance)seeking a boon for a child for him. So you become his child. Thereafter I will come and marry you.  There Parvathi Devi who came as a child started growing. In between the four sons of Brahma namely sanagan, sanandanan, sanathanan and sanathkumaran, who were sages, have studied vedagamam from beginning to end. Yet their minds were in a state of confusion and disarray. They told Lord Shiva about this state of their mind and requested HIM to explain to them the inner and deep meaning of Vedas. Immediately agreeing to their request, Lord Shiva ordered Nandi devar not to allow any one inside except Manmadhan. HE was explaining to them the meaning Pasu, Pathi and Paaasam. Immediately they further asked HIM to preach them the method of subduing the mind. Lord Shiva having heard this, immediately, with a mild smile (Punnagai in Tamil) told them that it will be like this. To explain it further HE made himself as a sage and remained Dhyanam(Meditation) for a second. The four sages also remained in the same state. At that time Manmathan came inside and throw an arrow on Lord Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva got angry and burnt Mannathan with his third eye (called Netri kan in Tamil). Lord Shiva came back to his normal self and bade farewell to the Sanagathi sages. Since lord assumed himself as Dakshinamoorthi and preached the inner meaning of Vedas he came to be known as DAKSHINA MOORTHI.  To worship we should go to the place Alangudi in the Kumbakonam—Needamangalam route. The lord’s name here is Kasiyaraniyar and his consort’s name is Umai ammai. Guru Peyartchi (transit og Guru bhagavan from one rasi to another) is celebrated  here vividly. By lighting tweny four ghee lamps on Chithra Pournami(Full Moon day in the Tamil Month Chithrai [Mar/Apr]) and Thai poosam (Poosam star day in the month Thai(Jan/feb) tamil month) obstacles that stand on the way of marriage will get removed. One will be blessed with progeny (Pillai Peru in tamil). Perform archanai with white lotus flowers and offer Curd rice as neivethyam on Thurs days and you will be blessed with increase in memory power.

By performing water arathi (Neer arathi in tamil) before this Dakshina moorthi and lighting a lamp all obstacles on the way of getting married will be emoved and will be blessed with progeny.

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