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January 31,2011
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Lord Shiva while sittig in Mount Kailas was preaching to the four sons of Lord Brahma  sanagaathi munivargal(as they were called)about Pathi, pasu, paasam. At that time they told him that their mind has broadened. So tell us by which yoga practice they can be subduded. Immeditely responding to their reques he told them the following ways of yoga. That is yoga means the merger of jeevathma with Paramathma (the individual soul merging with god). How that can be done is controlling outside sense impulses into Anthakaranam(five senses mind and intellect are called Anthakaranam),controlling mind into AAthma (soul) and merging the pure aathma into god. You can see Paramathma(god) only if you have yoga practice.

The ten Vaayus(Air) are called Pranan, abanan, samanan, uthanan, viyanan nagan, koorman, kirukaran devathathan, dhananjayan. Controlling these ten vayus is not yoga. Yoga can be divided into eight parts. They are Yamam, niyamam, aathanam, pranayamam, prathyagaram tharanai, dhyanam, and Samadhi. In these yamam means abstinence from killing and not aspiring for other’s property. Niyamam means  state of penance(thavam in tamil)> Aathanam is further sub divided into further eight parts. They are suvanthigam, gomugam, pathumam, Veeram, paththiram, Muththam, mayuram,and sugam. Pranayamam is breathing exercise. Prathyagaram is looking into his own self. Dharana means keeping our mind concentration on any part of our body. Dhyanam means controlling mind.  Samaathi means fixing all the above mentioned with four body chakras and the expanding thereby concentrating our mind on Paramporul(God). This is also called siva yogam also known as samaathi state. Thus Lord Shiva explained to Sanagaathi sages all about yoga and its inner meaning and HE HIMSELF  GAVE A  PERSONAL DEMONSTRATION OF THE SAME., BY REMAINING IN THAT STATE FOR SOME TIME. Because of this the expanded mind shrinked. Then the sanaagathi sages prostrated at HIS feet  and took leave of HIM. Since Lord Shiva taught yoga practice and did a personal demonstration by remaining in that posture for some time he is called YOGA DAKSHINA MOORTHI.

Kurukkai is a place situated near Mayiladithurai. Here there is a temple for yoga dakshina moorthi. He is the head for all the planet gods. He is strong here since he is in his yoga posture. By observing vratham(austerity) on Thursdays we wiil be get rid of the sufferings for taking birth in this janma. By doing archana with white lotus flowers, and offering neivethyam with Kondai kadalai(Bengal gram/chick pea) or curd rice  one will be bestowed with disciplined life. By doing abhishegam with scented karpooram (pachchai karpooram) water one,s yoga power will get fructified.

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