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February 01,2011
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To offer HIS blessings to Bhakthas and celestials(Devas) at Mount Kailas  Lord Shiva appeared as Dakshina Moorthi. At that time sage Narada told him that in order to understand the knowledge in Music of Sukra Munivars(sages) that he should recite saama veda through veena with music and thus bless them. Immediately  agreeing with their request, He gave a talk about veeena and art of music. At that time HE told them as to through which timber Veena should be made, what will be the benefit because of it . He further told them as to through which timber veeena should not be made and what will be the fault that will arise if veena is made from forbidden timber etc., Veena should be made by the timber out of Konrai tree(tamil name for Indian laburmum0 and karungali timber(ebony in English). He told further that four types of veena cn be made as per the music grammer. The four types veenas are Pri yazh,Makara yazh,Sakoda yazh,sencottti yazh. In this peri yazh will have 21 strings,Makara yazh 17 strings, sakoda yazh 16 strings, and senkotti yazh 7 strings. Further as per the music grammer music should be played by eight types of music grammer called Pannal, parivattanai, aaraithal, thaivaral, selavu, vilaiyattu,haiyoozh, kurumbokku. While playing on veena one should be careful about body language,. While playing on veena a song should be composed without any fault in the  lyrics and in its music. Thus He spoke vividly about veena, music, lyrics and all sub divisions in it. He put the veena on his shoulders and played on it. On hearing the veena music every body felt happy. They were totally surprised and could not believe their own eyes. As HE appears with veena for the sake of sages and sukar  he got the name VEENA DAKSHINA MOORHI.

HE can be worshipped in a Siva temple at Lalgudi near Trichy. If we worship him he will bestow higher positions in the profession, improvement in education and opportunity to take up the desired course in the education. On Thurs days if we cover his body with sandal paste(santhana kaappu in tamil) all our wishes will be fulfilled. By doing archana on thurs days with white lotus flowers and offer curd rice as neivethyam one will get concentration of mind. By doing abishegam with honey one will be bestowed with very sweet and melodious voice.

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