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February 07,2011
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Parvathi Devi daughter of Parvatha king  was in tapas(penance) thinking of Lord Shiva as her husband. Here Lord Shiva was explaining Sanakathi rishis the yoga systems. He was also in a state of yoga. Because of HIM the entire living beings inthis world was also in the same yoga state.Because of this the entire activities of the world came to a standstill. The job creation by Brahma also came to a standstill. Being disturbed by this develpomenr the Devas(celestials) approached Nandhi Bhagavan and requested him to allow them to meet Lord Shiva. Since Nandhi bhagavan refused they started to do meditation(Dhyanam in Tamil) towards Lord Ship. Immediately Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of Indra and informed him that HE is going to marry Parvathi and their sufferings will come to an end through the son born out of our wedlock. Then Indra accompanied by his group celestials went to Brahma and asked his opinion. But Brahma told him that if Manmathan(God of love) sends an  arrow  aiming Shiva his yoga will be disturbed. Thereafter the will function as before. Manmathan also came but he refused to throw the arrow.  But finally agreed taking into consideration that it is going to serve for a good purpose to the world. Manmathan went to Lord Shiva who was in his yogic posture. Nandhi bhagavan sent him through the  western gate. He throw the arrow towards Lord Shiva because of which his yoga state was disturbed. Getting angry Lord Shiva burnt Manmathan through his third eye(in the fore head situated in between his two eyes). Then HE  went to Parvatha Mountain and married Parvathi. At this stage Rathie of Manmathan requested Lord Shiva to bring her husband back to life. Therby Manmathan got his life back. He put a condition according to which only he will be visible only to his wife Rathi and will not be visible to others. Lord Shiva got the name KAMATHAGANA MOORTHI because  HE burnt Manmathan.  HE can be seen at KURUKKAI near Mayiladuthurai(Mayavaram). If we pray to him all our feelings of Lust will come to an end. Those souls who want to merge with Lord Shiva if they pray to him Lust feeling will not rear its head. On Sundays we should perform abhishegam with honey and offer sarkkarai pongal the affection of brothers wiil incrase.
There will be full  cooperation among family members.

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