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February 07,2011
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Just like our mother earth, there are crores and crores of universas are ther in the space. This is a scientific truth. Now let us combine with spirituality. This world is made eight Tiriresanu( a number in tamil just like kilometer in English). Leegai is made of eight parts of Tiriresanu. Yavai is made of eight parts Leegai. If you calculate by cutting across yavai then such eight parts are called Manangulam. Muzham(a cubit. The length from the elbowto the tip of the middle finger0 is made of twenty four maanangulam. Four muzham is  a  vil(length of four cubits approximately).Two vill constitutes a Thandam(a staff or club). Two thousand thandams constitute a Krosam(a distance of 3 kilometers). Two krosams is called Kevyuthi. Krosam four constitute Yosanai(a linear measure). One hundred crores of yojanai constitute land in the earth. There are thousands and thousands of universes in the space made of five elements(earth,water, air, sky and fire). In general there are five worlds above the earth and ten below the earth. On the EEsanam(north east) there are ten,North and North west(vaayu moolai)  west , and Nirruthi(south west) South  and agni moolai(south east )and  east  and thus ten universes are there. Lord Shiva is sitting at the centre of all these universes. One can not even look at him since it is so dazzling. By keeping Mazhu(axe) and Trident(trisul) on his right and aon the left with Water pot, HE is sitting as a Guru to remove the three impurities( Called Mum malam in tamil namely Kanmam, ego and maya) HE is there in each universe and provides all the necessary things to lead a life by the living beings there. With such a fame HE who rules by giving his blessings to all is called LAGULESWARA MOORTHI. We can see him at Saththi muttram near Darasuram. The lord’s name is Siva kozhuntheeswarar. And his consort’s name is Periya Nayaki. By taking bath in the Soola Theertham(pond) here and performing archana all obstacles encountered in getting married will be removed.  On Wednes days we should perform Bilva archana and offer three fruits called Mukkani(plantain fruit, Mango and Jack fruit)as neivethyam  all the three impurities (mummalam in tamil)will vanish.

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