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February 07,2011
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An asura(demon) by name Anthagan whose mere sight will produce fear on persons who see him, did Panchakni Tapas(standing and doing tapas with fire surrounding on all his four directions and underneath) towards Lord Shiva. Being satisfied and happy on his tapas lord Shiva appeared before him along with his consort Parvathi Devi on HIS  OX vehicle and asked him what he wanted. He asked for a boon by which he will become more stronger than Brahma and Tirumal and power to him by which he can not be destroyed by any one. Lord Shiva granted the boon and disappeared. With the boon granted by Lord Shiva by which he became egoistic and thus fought with Indra, Brahma and Tirumal. All of them were defeated in the fight. There is none who can excel him . Hence they decided to join with him. With Vishnu in the lead all deva ganas (celestials group) went behind Vishnu. They all surrendered to Anthagan. He ordered them to dress like a woman and behave like a woman in their talk and walk etc., Likewise all of them became women. Even after behaving like women his torture continued and so they all approached Lord Shiva with their appearance as women and fervently prayed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared before them immediately and asked them to remain with Parvathi Devi  in the harem(Anthapuram in Tamil). Inspite of this he continued to give trouble to them. Though they waited for some time bearing the tortures and finally went to Mount Kailas and appealed to Lord Shiva. Shiva ordered Bhairava created  by him destroy the Anthagan. A big fight took place between Bhairava and Anthagan. But the soldiers of Anthagan though were killed again came back to life with the help of Sukrachariar(guru for all demons). Immediately Lord Shiva swallowed Sukrachariar. The next second all the soldiers of Anthagan were killed. Bhairav by his Trisul(Trident) pierced the body of Anthagan and reached Lord Shiva. Because of this there was a change ine heart of Anthagan who requested to pardon him and make him once again the leader of Asuras(demons). Lord Shiva granted his wish. Sukra came out of the stomach with his semen(Sukkilam in tamil). Thereafter all the Devas (celestials) ivied peacefully. The form which Lord Shiva took to destroy the ego of Anthagan is called BHAIRAVA MOORTHI.

The Puranas tell that to destroy the ego of Brahma who was earlier five headed made him four headed by plucking the fifth head by creating Bhairava.

On the Ashtami thithi in the weaning period of Moon(eighth day in the Theipirai in Tamil) one should perform sahasranama archana ( continuosly  for six ashtami thithi in the weaning of Moon) with Sevvarali flowers(red oleander flower one will be granted progeny. Diabetes will come under control if Bhairava is worshipped  and neivethyam with Poonthi(a dorm of sweet). If abhishegam is done with honey, lighting ghee lamp and offering as neivethyam Vada made from bengalgram(ulunthu in tamil) business will improve. Every Saturday  archana is performed with Nayurivi(achyranthus plant leaves)  and neivethyam of Plain rice (Suddha annam in Tamil) and cow’s milk one will get rid of the fear of Yama(God of death).

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