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February 07,2011
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Lord Shiva is the personification of auspiciousness. He is  personification of light also. HE is the remover of the sufferings  of the living beings in the world. There is no person other him who can protect us. Lord Shiva who has such a special name and fame is being surrounded by celestials, demons, dancing damsels, Brahma, Indra, Tirumal, sages, Rishis, Siddhas, Kimpurudar,kinnarar, Yama, eighteen ganas, Murugan, Vinayakar, Parvathi, kali, maheswari,chamundeswari, Abirami, Saptha kanniyar, Nayanmars, Azhwars, weapons, saptha mathars, Narada, Moon, sun, planets,Thirty three crore Devas(celestials), saptha rishis, stars, Human beings, naragar and Nagar. He bestows all the boons asked by all these people. At that time as per their thought, He will appear as a human being , wearing shirt and keeping Thandam(stick) and Kabalam(skull), He will patiently hear their appeals  and protect them from sufferings and dangers according to the situation. So all his miracles, incarnations(avatharam),appearances can not be explained that they   are for a particular  reason.  His appearance or form to protect all  those who suffer and are in danger is called ABATHOTHARANA Moorthi. HE has a temple and the Lord’s name is Brahmapureeswarar and his consort is Tiruneelai nayaki.It is believed that  If we pray to him when we are in danger he will help us and protect us. Though most of his figures do not have this quality, assistance will be got according to the situations. Archana by calotropis{Erukku flower), white dead nettle(Thmbai flower), and abishegam with civet cat secretion(Punugu in tamil) at 12’’ midnight on Friday, if performed one will get all requested and prayed benefits immediately.

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