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February 07,2011
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Mundasuran the son of Dhundhubi was benefitted by siva archanai. He right from his younger days did tapas(penance) towards Shiva without having food and water, without sleep,without bothering about heat, cold,rain, having brought all his five senses under control and thinking always Lord Shiva in his mind .In completeappreciation of his intense tapas  , Lord Shiva along with Tirumal and Brahma on both his sides sage Thumburu singing hymns appeared before him on his ox vehicle along with Parvathi devi. Mundasuran felt happy. He asked a boon that he should not be killed by anyone. Lord Shiva gave him the boon he asked and disappeared. With that boon Mundasuran gave troubles to celestials, moon, sun and Lord Kubera. Then he took with him back all the assets of Lord Kubera. All of them waged against him and were defeated. So all of them surrendered at the feet of Brahma. Brahma started from his to destroy Mundasuran. A huge battle took place between the soldiers of both of them. Unable to conquer Brahma Prayed Lord Shiva that he should come to his rescue and help him by removing his sufferings. He also prayed that Mundasuran should be destroyed. Having heard the prayer Brahma, lord Shiva created Vaduga moorthi and asked him to go and destroy Mundasuran.

Vaduga moorthi reached that place immediately and killed Mundasuran. Having heard this news Brahma felt happy. The celestials(Devas) showered flowers on Vaduga moorthi. Then Vaduga moorthi released all of them and put them in their places and meged with Lord Shiva.  The form that Lord Shiva took to destroy Mudasuran as per the request of Lord Brahma is called VADUGA MOORTHI. To worship him we should go to Vadugur near Pondicherry. The lord’s name here is Vaduga nathar. His consort’s name is Tiripura sundari. (This place is also called by the name Tiruvandaar koil). Here the pond’s name Vama theertham and the sthala virusham(tree)is Vanni maram. Ashtami thithi in the Tamil month Karthigai(nov-dec)is a special day for Him. To get rid of the sufferings caused by the seven and half year Saturn ( Ezharai sani) one should recite sahasranamam by sitting before Vaduganathar. To  gain success in court disputes along with pooja abishegam by honey should be performed. Archana should be done nine times. By performing abishegam with sacred ash (Vibhuthi) marriage will take place very soon. Every wednes day archanai by white lotus flowers and neivethyam of sarkkarai pongal should be offered. One will be blessed with longevity in life and good health.

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