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February 07,2011
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Lord Shiva who has no beginning nor end and who is the first and last, does his fivefold jobs such as creating crore and crores of living beings as Brahma, as  ruthra the destructor,as Mahewara  in hiding, as a protector in the form of Tirumal and  as one who blesses all the living being in the form of Sadashivam. The world moves if only HE  moves. Only due to HIS command the living beings who are in several in numbers and crores of Andam(world) works. He is the one who has created various oceans  and who through them destroy the entire prapanjam(world) at the end. He created all the islands,and the fourteen worlds. During deluge this world was covered by the waves of the ocean. Eight mountains were drowned and the floods appeared to drown al the remaining mountains also. During that flood (deluge) the nine planets, sun ,Moon, Celestials as a group, Big snakes, the securities of the eight directions (thisaigal), Karbaga tree, (the wish yielding tree), all living, flying and crawling creatures, animals,beasts,plants,human beings and Lord Indra were destroyed. All the living beings were destroyed. This state of affairs continued for a very long time.

Then Lord Shiva along with his consort Parvathi Devi carrying a deer,axe,wearing the skin of a snake and tiger and wearing konrai flower (Indian laburnum),bluish throat,(neelakandam) and covering his eyes tahing along with him sixty four arts got into a boat. Lord Shiva illuminated with light and destroyed the darkness. The Varuna God who is responsible for the destruction worshipped Lord Shiva and his consort Parvathi Devi performed archanas with pearls and rubies. He earned Lord Shiva to bless him and Lord Shiva in turn blessed him. Then Lord Shiva removed the entire flood in a jiffy and brought back into life all the dead. HE put all of them into their positions  and protected all the living beings and removed the entire sufferings of the fourteen worlds (eerezhu ulagam as called in tamil). Since Lord Shiva removed the sufferings of all living beings during deluge and protected all the lives HE is called SHETHRA BALA MOORTHI. He is in Shethra bala puram. If worshipped continuously without break one will get freedom from enemies. HE is the protctor of all our properties and from evil minded persons. By keeping his picture in workshops and houses and worshipping him enemies will runaway. He should be worshipped with nine faced Ruthraksha beads and Neivethyam with sweets on Saturdays  our business will improve still further.

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