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February 07,2011
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There was an endless battle between celestials and demons. In between the celestials with the help of Indra defeated the demons in the battle and cut down all the parts of their bodies. Demons could not defeat the celestials. Demons consulted their Guru Sukra. He consoled them and offered his suggestions and advice. Towards the end Sukran calles Veera Marthandan who is one among the demons  and  asked him to do penance towards Brahma. As per the suggestion Veeramarhandan also commenced his tapas(penance). Unable to bear the intensity of the tapas Brahma appeared before him. Being in a state of mere bone and skin because of severe penance he was restored to his original form once again. And was asked what boons he wants by Brahma. He got the boon of ruling the three world with none to defeat him. Thereafter he started troubling the devas and their wives. Since the atrocities committed by reached its peak and unable to bear this the devas surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. Lord shiva consoled them and called Veera badra. Veera badra decided oppose Veeramarthandan as per the orders of Lord Shiva and to bring to an end of their sufferings. First he destroyed veera marthandan’s army. Then he called veera marthandan for a battle and waged a battle with him. It was a very intense battle. Veeramarthandan did all his tricks  to escape. At the end Veera marthandan was killed in the battle. Having thus removed the sufferings of the devas and kept Indra and Brahma in their posts and positions and ensured a safe place for all the living beings in the world. The form assumed by Loed Shiva to kill Veeramarthandan and to bring to an end the sufferings of devas is called VEERA BADRA MOORTHI.  

Perunthurai is situated near Karaikkal. For removing Chevvai dosham and to give adequate and enough mental strength one should worship him. One should observe Veerabadra vratham on tues days in the tamil month of Chithrai(April-May). Archana by red glowers and tamarind rice food should be offered on Mondays and Thursdays as a result of which there will be cooperation and unanimity in the family and increase  love and affections between brothers.

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