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February 18,2011
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There was a king called Saththa thandhu who having obtained lot of boons from Lord Shiva and lived thinking that there is none equal to him. Because of his ego he thought that this was due to the result of his doing innumerable archanas to Lord Shiva. He thought of  doing a Yagna and so he invited all celestials and rishis(sages) at the bottom of Meru hill and began his yagna. He invited the Brahma amd asked to do the yagna. On seeing this Maha Vishnu told him that he got all this because of his worship of Lord Shiva and so lord Shiva should also be compulsorily be  invited. Lord Brahma also insisted the same.Others also felt that Without inviting Lord Shiva this yagna can not be considered properly performed. On hearing this Saththandhu became furious and gave a angry look on others. Every one was scared of the outcome of this action of Sahthadhanthu. Inspite of this he completed the Yagna. This news reached the ears of Lord Shiva through Sage Naradha. He became angry immediately. So Lord Shiva made a Ratham(car) out of Mandalam,the world as its wheels,Agni as bow,Varuna as Bow, and made Kumara as chariot driver. He asked Veera badra who was equipped with all arms and ammunitions to go to saththadhanthu and kill him. Bowing to the order of Lord Shiva Veerabadra reached Meru Mountain.

The Celetials who came to know this went helter shelter and ran away. But Veerabadra gothold of all of them and tortured them. Then with the help of his Varuna Asthram he destroyed the yagna. Saththadhanthu became angry because of this but he was also killed by using Akora asthram. Having come to know of His anger, the wives of the rishis,sages and Devas prayed him bcause of which the dead came back to life. He put them back once agai in their positions. Therafter Veerabadran surrendered at the feet of Lord Shiva. The form through which i.e akora asthram  the yagna was destroyed is called AKORA ASTHRA MOORTHI. He can be seen in Tiruvenkadu. Only in this place his image is there. He appeared in the Tamil Month (feb-mar)Maasi  the weaning period of Moon(Krishna Batcham)Sunday at midnight 12 ‘o’ clock. Every year on this day and time special poojas are performed for him. Every Sunday night Akora Pooja is performed. By participating in this pooja His complete blessings will be showered on us. On every Monday Pradosham day arcahana by Bilva leaves and Red oleander (sevvarali flowes) should be performed and Milk may be offered as neivethyam. One will get rid of their enemies.Long drawan disputes will come to an end. There will be closeness between married couples.

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