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February 18,2011
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Dhakshan did not give respect to Lord Shiva, and did not think of Him also at any time. Those who were given to understand of this, went to Dhakshan and said to him that HE  is the one and only God, and not to to develop enemity with him and start worship him continuously. Having heard this Dhakshan went to Mount Kailas. But the head of the Gana nathar(head of Lord Shiva’s assistants) sent him back. Because of this Dhakshan felt very sad, trturned to his head quarters,and informed every one there as to what has happened to him and the shabby treatment given to him prevented  all of them from worshipping  Lord Shiva anymore. The celestials group also agreed to what he has said. Lord Brahma was about to cond a Yaga(yagna). To invite Lord Shiva he went to Mount Kailas. He invited Lord Shiva for the yaga. But He said that he will send Nandhi Devar in lieu of Him. As per that Nandhi Devar went to participate in the yaga along with his minions. On seeing this Dhakshan insisted Brahma to give havir bagam(offering made to each god in the Agni(sacred fire) to Lord Shiva but to give it to Tirumal instead. Brhma got angry on hearing this and cursed Dhakshan that His head will break and his associate will face danger from Soorapadman. Because of this that yagna came to an end. In the mean time Dhakshan himself was about to conduct an yaga. But he wanted to conduct it without giving havir bagam to Lord Shiva. Immediately The sage Thadhisi told him it was not proper on his part not to offer havir bagam to Lord Shiva and he should do this.

Parvathi Devi along with Veerbhadran came to receive the havir bagam. She was refused inspite of her insistence in getting the havir bagam. Devas who have assembled for the yagna were a mute spectator. He got angry and hit Tirumal with His Daddab(bif stick) who became unconscious. The Brahman also fell down. Veerabadran then crushed Lord Moon under his feet. Veerbadrans minions the destroyed the residence, Yaga sala, Fort and the compound walls. Veeerabadran and his assistants thereafter destroyed all the celestials. The wives all the celestials, Indrani wife of Lord Indra, wife of Dhakshan were troubled by Parvathi Devi and Kali. Veerabadra saw to it that each one of them have one disability in their bodies. When the battle was at its peak, Lord Shiva appeared on the scene and pacified Veera badran. As per the order all the dead in this battle were brought to their lives. Lord Brahma requested that Dhakshan also may be brought back to life. Immediately Veerabadran fixed the head of a lamb on the slayed portion of the head and thus was brought back to life. He got the darshan of Lord Shiva and Godess Parvathi and became one among the assistants of Lord Shiva. The form that Lord Shiva took for destroying the yagna of Dhaksha who refused to worship Lord Shiva  Is called DHAKSHA YAGNA MOORTHI. Thirupariyalur in between Tharangabadi—chembanar koil is the place where Lord Shiva is worshipped in this form. The Lord’s name here is Veerattesar and his consort’s name is Iamkombaniyal.  Archana by bilva leaves and neivethyam offered is Milk on Monday  pradosham. The troubles from enemies will come to an end. Favourable judgement from the court and the there will be unanimity among the couple.

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