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February 18,2011
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During the Bharatha battle the Pancha pandavas were living in disguise. Sage Vyasa went there to hear their complaints, to give advise and to tell them the further steps tob taken there after by them. He was giving the necessary advise to them who were undergoing innumerable hardships. He advises them to do penance towards Lord Shiva to obtain Pasupatha Asthra (a form of weapon)to win over Kauravas in the battle. In accordance with the advise of sage Vyasa, on an auspicious day and time Arjuna reached Silver hill wearing a suitable dress (for doing tapas). With the blessings of rishis,sages andDevas ,remembering Lord Shiva in his mind, applying white sacred ash on his body, folding both hands, and standing on one leg only he started doing Tapas. Indra wanted to test the intensity of Arjuna’s tapas. He sent dancing damsels from celestial world to disturb his tapas. Inspite of dancing in various forms and ways they could not disturb Arjuna”s tapas.

Parvathi Devi came to know of this tapas through minions and informed the same to Lord Shiva. At that time Lord Shiva assumed the form of a hunter and Parvathi as hunter’s wife, son Muruga as a child, the four Vedas as hunter dogs and all the minions as Hunters. They reached the place where Arjuna was doing Tapas. There to disturb the tapas Mugasuran assumed the form of a pig. On seeing this Lord Shiva threw his arrow on the pig and Aryuna also threw his arrow and the pig was was killed. A dispute arose as to whom the dead pig belongs to. There was a war of words. Lord Shiva tore the thread of the bow of Arjuna who in turn hit Lord Shiva with his bow. That blow was felt by all the living beings of the world. Immediately Lord Shiva along with his consort Parvathi his true form to Arjuna. The Arjuna got the Pasupatha Asthra from Lord Shiva. The form assumed by Lord Shiva to kill Mugasura who was disturbance for Arjuna’s tapas is called KIRATHA MOORTHI.   

The place near Kodavasal is called Tirukkollam Puthur. The people of this place call their village Nambar Koil(temple). The Lord here is known as Vilvaranyeswarar. His consort’s name is Azhaghu Nachiyar. By taking a bath in the holy Agasthya theertham(Pond) and performing Bilvarchana one will get the necessary strength to face any encounter or opposition. On Tuesdays one should offer the neivethyam of Ven Pongal and Pepper vada and perform archana with red oleander (sevvarali) flowers enemies will forget their enemity and will become friends and disputes over property will come to an end.

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