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February 18,2011
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Manicka vasagar was born in Tiruvathavur. In his childhood he learnt very well Vedas and aagamaas. The king of Madurai by name Arimarthana pandyan having learnt his greatness conferred on him the title Thennavan Bramarayan. At this stage both as a minister and at the same time worshipping god and doing penance Manicka vasagar spent his time. The hing gave him lot of money and asked to go to the areas on the  eastern sea side and purchase lot of horses and bring them to Madurai. As soon as Manickavasagar reache Tiruperunthurai he got a feeling that he has become one with God and searched God in all places. At the end he saw Gurumoorthi, he went into ecstasy, prayed God by singing hymns, became joyous and danced in a state of ecstasy. Guru moorthi asked Manickavasagar to remain there and suddenly disappeared. To keep the word of Gurumoorthi Manickavasagar remained there. He told the the securities who have accompanied him to go and tell the king that the horses by the of the tamil month Avani(Sep-oct). then he spent the entire amount hat he brought along with him for the renovation of the temple. Horses did not reach as promised by him. At this stage the king sent a letter to him. While replying for the king’s letter, manickavasagar wrote that hoses will definitely reach as promised by Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of Manickavasagar and told him “you proceed first. The horses will come later”. Accordingly Manickavasaga went first to the king. Being a matured that Manicka vasagar is, Lord Shiva initiated Five lettered word “Namasivaya” to him. So the lord Shiva is known by the name GURU MOORTHI.

The place where the Manthra initiation was given is Perundurai situated in between Kumbakonam and Karaikal. The lord here is known by the name Pranaveswarar. His consort is known by the name Mylarasi. The Lord of this place only took the savant Manickavasagar as slave by appearing in the form of Guru and did the initiation of the Manthra. By taking taking bath in the Mangala theertham(Pond) one should worship him with Vanni leaves. It is believed that Lord Shiva here as Gurumoorthi will give initiation if we also as above. Perform archana with white lotus flower and Bilva leaves on Thursdays and offer neivethyam of Plantain fruit, mango, sugarcane and grapes.e wi There will be improvement in one’s profession and industry. Improvement in all forms of arts. We will understand the importance of five lettered word “Namasivaya

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