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February 21,2011
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Indra, the king of Deva loka wished to visit to Mount Kailas and worship Lord Shiva. On the way, Lord Shiva stood in disguise. On seeing Him Indra asked him various questions. Since Lord Shiva who stood in disguise did not answer to any of the questions put to Him, Indra gave a blow to Lord Shiva with his vajrayudha( a powerful weapon). But that weapon itself broke into  several pieces. Lord Shiva who became angry because of this act of Indra, assumed Rudra form. Having understood the reality, Indra panicked and sought the excuse of Lord Shiva. Hence Lord Shiva calmed down. He wiped out the sweat and perspiration formed in his body due to anger. It fell on the sea and became a baby. The king of the sea took it and brought up the baby. That baby’s name is salantharan. When he grew up, he got lot of powers because of his association with demons. Then under the supervision of celestial world carpenter MAYAN, he built a Ratham(car). Then he married a girl by name VIRUTHTHAI, and lived with her. Once he decided to wage a war with celestials(devas) and went to Meru Mountain. The Devas living there got panicky and went and told Tirumal. Inspite of fighting for twenty thousand years, Tirumal was defeated by Salantharan. And Tirumal praised him. Lord Indra got afraid and stayed at Mount Kailas itself. Having understood this act of Indra, Salantharan went to Mount Kailas also. In the intermittent periodLord Shiva removed the fear of Lord Indra and promised him that He will destroy Salantharan. As per His assurance, Shive assumed the form of a very old sage with a sagging body, with Kamandalam (hermit’s kettle)in hand and with a walking stick  in the hand. His soldiers stood behind Him.

Crossing him on the way, Lord Shiva enquired various details about him. Salantharan told all about him and his father and said that He is going to fight with Lord Shiva. With a smile  in His face Lord Shiva told him that if he opposes Lord Shiva He will die within a second. Salantharan showed his prowess . Immediately Lord Shiva who was in disguise as a old man told him that he is next to Lord Shiva in seniority order. He scratched the floor with his foot and made a chakra(disc) and asked him to take it and keept it on His head. Salantharan took it and kept on his head and immediately it divided him into two parts. Then the disc came back to Lord Shiva and took shelter under him. Then Lord Shiva burnt the entire demon crowd int ashes. All felt happy at the death of Salantharan. In order to remove the sufferings of Devas, by destroying Salantharan the form assumed by Lord Shiva is called SALANTHARA MOORTHI. To worship Him we should go to Tiruvirkudi near Tiruvarur.  The Lord’s name here is VEERATTNESWARAR. His consort’s name Parimala Devi. By doing abishekam to Salanthara moorthi with the water fetched from Sangu(conch),Chakra(disc) and gnana(intelligence) theerthams(Ponds) the never ending sufferings of bhakthas will come to an end. On Tues days one should worship him with Yellow colour flowers, and offer Tamarind rice as neeivethyam troubles caused by poisonous insects and snake will   come to an end.

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