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February 21,2011
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Lord Shiva as Maheswaran creates all souls. Then he contains all into Him. His act of containing into Him is known by four names Nthyam, Naimithyam, Prakritham, and athyanthigam. Among these Nithyam means all living beings athe the end of their life reaching Lord Shiva. Prakritham means the life span of Brahma. Apart from that all living beings die and subdue. Athyanthigam means all living beings attaining Mukthi. In this Nithyam is an explicit one. At the end of deluge the fourteen worlds receive and release the sun’s rays all will become bright. Because of that the oceans will become completely dry. After this in another one hundred years rains will fall in all directions and fill up the entire world. This period is called Yoga nithra period of Brahma. Next let us what is meant by Prakritha pralayam. Anu(atom0, anu is three. Tirisarenu is made of three. Thudi is also made of three. Vethai is also three. Lavam is also three. Minute is also three. Ganam is is made of five parts. Kattai is fifteen. Lagu is fifteen. Kadigai is two. Days are fifteen. Batchm is two. Month is two. Ayanam is two. Year is hundred. Man’s life span is Thirty. Twelve months are for one day for devas. Twelve thousand devas years s called OOzhi. Such four OOzhis are one forenoon for Brahman. Thus all living beings take their final shelter with Lord Shiva only. The role assumed by Lord Shiva is called THRIPATHATHRI moorthi. He can be worshipped at Thiruvidai maruthur. In that town by doing abishegam for Him and Chockanathar, singing Mega raga kurinchi raga even if it is summer rain will fall. By doing archana with Thumbai flower(white dead nettle flower) and offering adai(a form of dosa) made of Pepper on wednes day one’s intelligence will grow and will get the power of knowing past,present and future.

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