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February 22,2011
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VARAHA SAMHARA MOORTHI:A demon by the name Hiranyakshan performe a penance towards Lord Brahma. Brahma bestowed to him all the boons he requested for. So he folded the entire world as a mat and disappeared in the sea. The celestials did not know what to do now. They all approached Tirumal(Vishnu) and appealed to HIM. With the blessings of all Tirumal left Vaikundam(His Abode) on the back of Garudan and after crossing Vaikundam he assumed the form a Varaham(Pig). The height of the varaham was higher than a mountain, the distance between each of its four legs were several kilometers,The tail’s movement touched all the eight directions, and the entire world get jolted with the hot air that it breathed out. Thus by assuming this form Tirumal by turning the sea upside down found out the demon. HE killed with HIS horns and handed over the world thus rescued to Athi seshan. Then that Pig killed all beings that came on its way. Since its torture kept on increasing and became unbearable, the celestials approached Lord Shiva and prayed and appealed to HIM. Having agreed to ward off their sufferings, Shiva assumed the form of a hunter and killed the pig with his trident. He broke its horns and wore it as a jewel in his body. Because of this act the ego of the varaham(pig) vanished and sought the pardon of Lord Shiva. Because of this out of its two horns one horn escaped. Later because of the blessings of Lord Shiva He got his original form and narrated Varaha puranam and reached Vaikundam. To ward of the sufferings of celestials, to kill the Varaham the form assumed by Lord Shiva is called VARAHA SAMHARA MOORTHI. HE can be seen in Kasi and at Pazhzmalai temple in Tamilnadu. By lighting ghee lamp and offering Swwt rice as neivedyam on wednes days one’s business will prosper.

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