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March 10,2011
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Lord Shiva did his divine play with a business man in Chqzhz kingdom. That business man got a female child after a very long time of his marriage. When the girl was still a child,  he had fixed her marriage with son of his younger sister. Both his sister and her son had agreed fo his proposal. That girl in due course of time attained puberty. That bou, the son of the business man’s sister became a youth. But instead of keeping up his promise his uncle’s daughter, he married the daughter of another very rich man in Madurai. His uncle’s daughter got a shock on hearing this. The business man scolded his sister’s son for flouting his promise of marrying his daughter. But he replied “Uncle, what is there in it? I will marry your daughter also as my second wife. Please wait.” The businessman and his wife unable to bear the shock died. She became an orphan. There was no end for her mental worry. Yet some of her relatives consoled her by sayinf :O” Girl, There is nothing wrong in marrying your aunt’s son as a second wife. Your wish and your parent’s wish were also to marry him only”

The business man’s daughter in the village court of arbitration(panchayaththu in tamil) appealed to them to get her married to her aunt’s son as per his promise. The members of that village assembly for arbitration took pity on her who is an orphan made a proposal accordingly and sent a message to that boy living at Madurai. That boy came from the chozhz state, took the girl along with him in a cart back to his home. A few of his relations also came along with him. They came to a place called Tirupurampiyam. Festoons Plantain trees and light were kept in that town and it gave the appearance of a festival. It was understood that Sambandar had come to that place and all these are kept for welcoming him. Immediately all the people got down from the cart and decided to stay overnight there and after having a darshan of Sambandar go to Madurai the next day.  They sat under a Vanni Tree  and thereafter slept there to overcome the tiredness of the journey. At that a snake came there and bit him. He shouted. Every one wake from their sleep and saw that he had died. Business man’s daughter wept loudly. “ I thought of living as your second wife. What will I do now?.” Sambandar got this news and he immediately reached the spot. She prostrated at his feet and wept. I,  who lost my parents, have now lost my husband also. Sambandar also  took pity on her on seeing her condition.

He replied “Don’t worry Just the Lord Shiva by consuming the Aalagal poison and saved the celestials, now he will save you. He remembered Lord Shiva and said “These two girls were depending on him only. Is it not your duty to protect them?”What a surprise? The poinson that entered into the body of the business man’s son, came down. He got back his life. There was no limit to the joy felt by the bride and those who were around her. Sabandar tolt that boy “MY son, You marry this girl in my presence only.” For that he replied “O” Great man, My relations are in Madurai. It will only be good if I marry her by keeping them as witnesses.”. Sambandar told him “You were saved by Lord Shiva residing in this town. The reason for that is the enormous amount of love she had on you. If you want witness then this Vanni tree, the well in the shiva temple and the Siva lingam are there. Are you going to search as witness rather than them. Don’t disobey my words. Tie the Mangalya sutra around her neck”. The business man didn’t utter any word against the words of Sambandar. He obeyed his instructions. The marriage took place. They left for Madurai after receiving the blessings of Sambandar. .Since the business man had died his daughter had brought all his wealth along with her. So the first wife and her mother in law gave a warm welcome for her. There is respect for money every where. But this joy did not lost long. The youth expanded his business by utilizing all the money brought by his second wife.

One child was born to them. But the first wife gave birth several children. It will be nice and good if one had only one wife. If he gets one more wife he will lose his peace. Due to circumstances  beyond his control he was compelled to marry one more girl. There was no problem so long as the second wife did not bear a child. But when she gave birth to a child the children of his first wife did not like it and showed their ugly faces. In fact they were enjoining the profit from the expanded business flourishing due to the money brought by their aunt. The second wife also kept quiet for the sake of her husband. But the world will not give respect to those who are merciful.  The state of affairs was similar as far as the second wife is concerned. The sons of the first were not only spend thrift but also were ruffians and short tempered. The son of the second wife was merciful and also was gentle in nature like her mother. The first wife’s sons teased the second wife’s son. There will be small quarrels. The peace prevailing in the house was lost. The second wife will silently weep within herself, on seeing the injustice done to her and her sons. She didn’t bring this to the attention of her husband and complain about this to her husband who was  pre occupied in his business activities. If she tells this he will lose his peace of mind. She was keeping silent bearing all these sufferings.

One day the tussle took a different direction. A talk arose that the second wife has no right to live in that house. The first wife in support of her sons, called the second wife and scolded her saying “What is the relation that you have with this house? Did you enter into this house in a righteous way? You have entered in to this house through back door method. Since my husband is your aunt’s son, you charmed him and somehow entered into this house.And created a story stating that both of you got married. You told that your marriage took place at Tirupurampiyam. What is the proof for that? If you have wished to marry him you should have brought him to Madurai.” How she can prove that her marriage took place in the presence of Sambandar? Even if she approaches the village arbitration assembly, they will also tell her “you say that your marriage took place in some village. Bring someone from that place as a witness.” Then what she can do.  She was thinking on these lines in her mind. Suddenly she remembered that the witnesses are Vanni tree, well and Shiva lingam. What can be better witnesses than these. She said proudly” Sambandar( who drank the breast milk of Goddess Parvathi Devi, conducted our marriage.”

“Please tell a story that can be believed. You are telling this lie, because you know heart of heart that Shiva Linga, well, and Vanni Tree cannot speak. Did your marry your husband in the presence of Holy Fire(Agni satchi in tamil) , by stepping on a rectangular grinding stone (Ammi in Tamil. A practice common and compulsory in Hindu marriage customs called Ammi mithiththal in tamil). They should come to  Madurai as witnesses. If you do this then I will accept that your marriage with my husband took place” said the first wife. How the Vanni tree, well and Shiva lingam will come to Madurai from Tirupurambiyam. Is it not a harsh term and condition. The second wife was able to shed tears only. Then with great confidence she went to the Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple. She took bath in the Potramarai tank. She went to the shrine of Lord Sundareswarar and appealed “O” God, Did you notice the trail  of mine? You made me an orphan by making me lose my father and mother. By changing the decision of my marrying him at my very young age You made someone else to become his wife. You want to snatch away my married life which I got after a big struggle. What will I and my children do now? O.k. There is nothing wrong even now. If the marriage that took place for me with him is true, the Vanni tree, Well and Shiva Lingam along with Sambandar who were witnesses for my marriage should come to Madurai The moving and heart rendering appeal of the second wife melted the heart of Lord Sundareswarar, and a divine voice was heard.

“My daughter. Do not worry. The three that were witnesses for your marriage have appeared on the North east portion of this temple .First you go there and see them with your own eyes. Then take the first wife and show them to her also. She immediately rushed to the place indicated by Lord Sundareswarar, saw them and worshipped them. Shedding joyful tears, she rushed to her house. She brought the first wife also. On seeing them the first wife stood speechless. The people also saw them and appreciated the devotion of the second wife. When the husband came to know of this, he scolded  his first wife for having insulted his second wife without his knowledge. She stood with her head down. He told in the presence of the people that here after she is not her wife and he is going to ostracize her. The kid hearted second wife told her husband “Sweety, Do not say like that. This wonderful thing occurred because my elder sister(meaning first wife) her scolding. Don”t you understand that all these are the divine play of Lord Sundareswarar.This sister is the reason for this divine play to happen. You should be kind with them also as usual.” The first wife requested the second wife to pardon her, in spite of giving all sorts of troubles to her and her son, both by her and her children .The sons of the first wife  there after became good in their characters. The family started living united there after.

It is believed that regular reading of Tiruvilaiyaadal Puranam will bring wealth and prosperity in all the houses where it is read.  Let wealth and prosperity occur in al your houses.

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