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March 10,2011
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PANDIYAN JURAM THEERTHTHA PADALAM: After the demise of Arimarththana Pandiyan, several kings ruled Madurai. Among them one was koon Pandiyan alias Nedumaran. He was good at war expertise,and was also famous. These qualities of Nedumaran attracted the attention of Chozha King. He got his daughter Mangayarkarasi married to him. He sent her along with his minister named Kulachirayar  to Madurai instructing his minister to offer his son in law necessary advices at appropriate time. During this period people belonging to Jain sect(Samana matham in tamil) entered  into Madurai and settled down there. King Nedumaran got attracted towards Jain sect. He announced an order that al his citizens should follow Jain sect. This gave a shock to his wife and the minister Kulachirayar. But they did not have the courage to talk to him on this matter with the Great King. People were afraid to come to Meenakshi Amman temple. The temple remained empty. The queen Mangayarkarasi decided to pray to Lord Sundareswarar and talk to HIM on this worst state of affairs. She took the minister Kulachirayar along with her to the temple and prayed to God. At that moment a Brahmin came inside the shrine. When there were none including the Archakas(priests) inside the temple, How this Brahmin alone has entered the temple against the order of the king? How dare he entered he entered the temple against the king’s order? The Brahmin saluted the queen and said “ O” Queen, I am residing in Chozha country. I am on my visit to various divine places. I came here thinking of worshipping Lord Sundareswarar of Madurai. I enquired with people here as to why no one is there in this temple. I became sad on hearing that  the citizens are following the  jain sect and hence no one is visiting this temple. Yet there is a way to bring back the saiva sect. Shall I tell that to you?”Should one give a wage to eat  sugar cane. ?  “Tell me” replied the Queen.

There is one divine child by name Gnana Sanbabdan at Seerkaazhi. He drank the breast milk of Goddess Uma when he was three years old. If he is brought down here, he will do the necessary for the growth and sustenance  of Saiva sect. The Queen immediately wrote a letter and said “O” Brahmin, Somehow are other, hand it over this letter to him. Ask him to visit Madurai.” The Brahmin who came to know that he is staying at Vedaranyam(Tirumaria Kaadu) went there. Thirunavukkarasar was also staying there. Having seen both the great saivaites, the Brahmin handed over the manuscript to Gnana sambandar and explained to him the state of affairs at Madurai. Immediately after reading the manuscript Sambandar decided to visit Madurai. Navukkarasar said to him “O” Lord, you may not be knowing the jains. I,  the one, who was affected by them know about Jainism. Further the planetary positions are not  conducive for journey. Please  start on an auspicious day.” Sambandar replied to him “O” Lord we are slaves of Nama sivayam. When Namasivayam is there behind us what these planets can do? He immediately sang the song “VEYURU THOLI PANGAN VIDAMUNDA KANDAN NALLA VEENAI THADAVI”. Even today those who feel that they will be affected by the adverse positions of planets in their birth chart sing this song. This fact is known by all of us. Navukkarasa did not say further .Without bothering about planets Sambandar immediately left for Madurai. Mangayarkarasi felt very happy on the arrival of sambandar. The salivates who were lying down till then not knowing what do to, rose up. This act gave them fresh energy. In Madurai one sage by the name Vaagesar was residing. He took Sambandar to his residence and him stay there.

The Jains who got angry decided to burn that house to kill Sanbandar. They performed a homam, invited Lord for Agni out of that homam fire and asked him to burn the house. The house was caught under fire. Sambandar got infuriated. He was suffering by the heat as he was caught inside the house. He immediately sang a collection of songs (11 in number) beginning with the lines “Cheyyane Thiru Aalavai meviya”. He completed the last line stating “ Since this suffering of mine was caused by the king let this fire reach him” The moment he finished the song, the Pandiyan king’s body got the heat which was unbearable to him. He shouted. He had high fever also. The doctors arrived. Gave several medicines. They stoked his body with peacock feathers to control the heat. There was no response for all these treatments. The jains tried with all the Manthras they knew. There was no result for that also. The Queen and the Minister Kulachirayar advise the king that if  Sanbandar visits him and treat him the disease will be cured. Unable to bear the suffering caused by the disease the king agreed for that suggestion. Sambandar came there. On hearing this,  the jains also came there. They told the king “O” King this Sambandar will not be able   to cure this disease. We will  cure it now in just five minutes.” Saying so, they gave some treatment. But that increased his suffering further. The heat attacked the jains who were standing near the king. They stood little further away. The king shouted. “O” Jains, Just remain aloof. Let Samandar alone give me the treatment.” When Sambandar took sacred ash in his hands the jains said “O” King, this small boy tries to charm you. Do not allow him to take the sacred ash in his hands.” The king was blinking as to what to do, Sambandar said, “I do not want any other thing. Just bring some ash from the kitchen of the temple.” The ash was brought. Sambandar applied iton the body of the king. Immediately the heat became less. The king praised Sambandar. He heard the manthra” Shivaya namaha” uttered by him, accepted that manthra and became a saivaite once again. The king Nedumaara Pandiyan had a hunch back.(Koon muthugu in tamil). With the blessing raining from Sambandar His hunch back got cured and he became straight again. The king went to the temple along with Sambandar. The people extended a warm welcome for both of them, there.

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