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March 11,2011
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NARIYAIY  PARIYAKKIYA PADALAM: The horses did not reach foe a very long time. The king had a doubt. He called Manickka vaasagar and enquired with him. He asked for three days time. That time also came to an end. After this having lost his patience, the king said that he did not want to see Vadavoorar and look at his face at all. Why should I talk with a fraud? I am removing him from the Minister’s post for having appropriated the Government’s money. The king ordered” Put him in jail. Torture him.” The soldiers went to the residence of Manickka vaasagar. He was reciting the “OM NAMASHIVAAYA” manthram. The soldiers conveyed to him the King’s order. He didn’t tell anything. He was remaining quiet thinking that every thing occurs as per his divine play. The soldiers put on his back very big boulders. Put him in the jail on that same state. Manickka vassagar thought that he is carrying the weight for the sake of Lord Shiva. The boulder was weighing like a cotton. Next day the soldiers arrived. They thought he would be in an unconscious state for having carried that boulder on his back. But they were disappointed. He was in a more happy state than in his usual state. They attacked him with an iron rod. They scolded him.

They warned him that if he does not remit the govt., money in the treasury next day, there will be an increase in punishment. By this time the due date fixed by the king came to an end. The Tamil month Aadi came to a close and Aavani month began. Lord Shiva called Nandheeswarar on the Moolam star day in that month. The king told “Nandhi, My devotee Manickka vaasagar is suffering in the prison of Pandiyan kingdom for the crime of not purchasing horses. You along with our minions make all the jackals there as horses and take it there. I will come along with you as a horse man. Nandheeswarar also did the same happily. Thousands of horses galloped in a row in Madurai city. News about the arrival of the horses reached the ears of the king. He rushed to the place in haste. He ordered the release of Manickka vasagaar. He arrived at the Mani Mandapam and  sat there anxiously to see the horses. By this time Lord Shiva commenced his divine play. People saw the horses. But they wee not visible to the eyes of the king. He said “Vatha voorar, Are you playing with me? All the other people by seeing the horses  are making very big noise.(Aaravaaram in tamil). He sent him back to the prison again. After short while, the soldiers told him that thousands of horses along with horse men are standing in the staple in the palace. The king rushed to that place thinking “ what is this new confusion now.” Now the horses were visible to his eyes.

What a beautiful horses? Now No one can  see any where in the world such horses. Look there the lad who has accompanied as the head.(Lord Shiva was sitting in that horse). Other counties will not get such horses”, boasted the king. He released Manickka vaasagar from the prison, sought his pardon and expressed his regret for not understanding his fineness. After entrusting the horses to the king, Lord Shiva who came in disguise as a lad, and all the minions left the place. After reaching some distance the disappeared. The king gave Manckka vaasagar innumerable gifts. By accepting them Manickka vasagar returned to his hime. His relations have already gathered there. He distributed a major portion of the gifts that he received to all of them. Then he went into his pooja room and sat in meditation. Meditating on Lord Shiva. It became dark and night set in. When the people were all sleeping in their homes there was a big noise. The jackals will howl only in the forest. But that howling is heard in the town. Not only the citizens heard that howling sound of  jackals, but even the king Arimarththana Pandiyan heard that. The people rushed towards the direction from where the howling sound came.

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