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March 11,2011
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Near Madurai there is a place called Guruviruntha thurai(now known as Guruviththurai). One Suklan along with his wife sukalai was living in this village. They were very rich. Not only they are very rich, God had blessed with progeny. Yes. They had twelve male children. Since they were basically rich, all the 12 children were brought up very well and were pampered. Because of pampering they became spoilt children. During the course of time both Suklan and his wife Sukalai died. The entire property was divided into 12 parts and each one got one twelfth of the property. Each one of them spent completely their part of wealth. At one stage they were driven to poverty. They were hungry. So they went to the forest and stayed there with an idea to hunt the beasts there and make a living. Daily they killed one beast and ate it. There was a sage on their way and he was doing penance by sitting in crossed legs. He was Bruhaspathi the guru for celestials. Without knowing who he is they threw sand on him. Threw stones. They stood surrounding him,  and were humiliating him by making lucid comments.

Because of their interruption Bruhaspathi got disturbed in his penance and stood up. He cursed them by saying “O” Fools, Your present action is condemnable. Even a illiterate has no right to disturb another persons actions. You have disturbed me while I was sitting calm and quiet. So all of you will be born from the stomach of the pig in this forest. One should understand from this incident that those who disturb innocent and calm people will be reborn as pigs. Especially at this time when colleges are going to open, Ragging other students is a mistake and is improper. Those who do ragging will reborn as pigs. The brothers did not anticipated this  curse. So they asked the sage the atonement for their mistake. He replied by saying “My children, I pity for you. But those who commit mistakes should get the punishment for the mistake they did. You who will reborn as pigs will not get enough food to eat. You will roam with hunger only. Finally with the blessings of Lord Somasundarar residing at Madurai you will be relieved from the curse. Further since you have realized your mistakes you will become ministers in the King’s durbar.

Those brothers were reborn from the stomachs of the pigs roaming there. The King Raja Rajan came to that forest for hunting beasts, birds etc., He thought of hunting the forest pigs. The head of the forest pigs crowd got this news. They planned to escape from the clutches of the king. But they could not succeed in their plan. The forest pigs have the power to attack human beings .So they all gathered together and attacked the king’s army. But the king killed the head of the male pigs. Then under the leadership of the female pigs all the other pigs attacked the army. Since it is a sin to kill a female pig the king excused himself from killing. A hunter who came that side utilized the opportunity. The Hunter who came there said “O” King, My name is Charucharan. As per your dharma you may not wish to kill the female pig. But for me all are the same. You should permit me to kill that female pig. The King noded his as a mark of approval the hunter killed the female pig. Having lost their parents the baby pigs wandered in the forest as orphans. There was no food, no milk. They cried because of hunger. Their distress cry / call reached the ears Lord Somasundarar. With a face of a pig and a human body called Varaaham the Lord assumed the role of a pig and came. He offered the milk for the baby pigs. Their were satiated from hunger  , became happy and got their previous form and shape.

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