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March 11,2011
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After the  demise of Varaguna Pandiyan his son Raja Raja Pandiyan took up the mantle to rule the country. At this time Paana Pathrar also had died. His wife is also an expert in playing Yaazh. She continued her husband’s work. She used to rapture both Lord Somasundarar and the devotees by her alluring music while singing in the shrine of Lord Somasundarar. Though the king Raja Rajan is a Shiva devotee he is not a disciplined person. He is very weak specially in the affairs of women. He had kept in his private chamber (anthapuram in tamil)many women as his concubines. One among the concubines used to play Yaazh very well and sing also in a sweet voice. She used to sing several songs in praise of the king. Raja Rajan who got intoxicated by fame,  liked very much not only her music but also her,  among all the others. Because of this,  that woman became very arrogant.  Nobody could question her wrong doings as she was very close to the king. She heard about the wife of Paana Pathrar. She had learnt her bewitching music. Because of this she became jealous of her. She thought that no one who is more proficient in music than her should remain Madurai. One day when she was keeping the king in a happy mood she said “My dear, The wife of Paana pathrar is arrogant thinking that no one is more proficient and above her in music. To humiliate her you should immediately a music competition.” He told her “what should be done for that. I will do what ever yoy say?”

“O” Great king, There is a very great exponent in Yaazh music in Eezham(Ceylon). She is a woman. We will invite her here and conduct a competition between her and the wife of Paana pathrar. In that the wife of Paana Pathrar will be defeated. Her arrogance will come down.” Said the concubine. The king agreed for that proposal. He brought that singer from Eezham. She also reached Madurai with her students. The king invited the wife of Paana pathrarand told her “O” Lady, You should compete with the singer of Eezham. You should win over her. The fame of this country is in your hands only.” She promised the king that she will win the Eazham musician today  just like her husband won Hemanathan earlier. The fame of Pandiyan kingdom will spread in Eezham .But the mind of the king  was full of cunningness. However best she may play on the Yaaazh, however best she may sing beautifully in sweet voice I should declare the judgement that only the Eazham singer has won. There after she should be banned from singing forever. Without knowing the evil and bad intentions of the king Paana pathrarar’s wife prepared herself for the competition. The hall was full. The Eezham singer came and sat in a arrogant manner while the wife Paana Pathrar sat in a humble manner in al humility. The competition began.

The Eezham singer looked at the king and said “”O” Great king Raja Raja Pandiyan, I thank for giving me an opportunity to sing by playing in Yaazh in your country . But you have made someone who do not know what is Yaazh, and also the seven musical notes to sit before me and compete with her. First let me test her whether she is fit enough to compete with me and then only I will compete with her. That I will ask her some questions on the musical notes(Swarams in tamil). Should answer those questions. If she is not interested to answer those questions then she can leave from the competition without competing with me. In that I have no objections.”. Seeing the arrogance in her speech, the wife of Paana pathrar said “O” king what was  declared is a competition in singing and not competition on disputation. Perhaps she is  afraid to compete with me in singing,  this woman is asking me to compete with her in disputation. If she does not know how to play in Yaazh, let she may say that she got defeated and leave the competition. I have no objection.” The Eezham singer said some thing in anger and Paana pathrar’s wife opposed it the music stage became stage of mutual acrimony. Raja Raja Pandiyan controlled both of them and broke peace. He declared “Let the competition of music begin. I will declare the results. He looked at his concubine stealthily. She also showed sarcastic smile. Do you know what is the meaning for that sarcastic smile? Whatever be the course of the competition it should be declared that only the Eazham Singer has won. Raja Rajan also agreed by showing signs with his eyes. First the Eezham singer sang playing on the Yaazh. Though it was not a pleasing music to the ears, the king clapped his hands as a tken of his appreciation. After the music was over he praise the Eazham singer in lavish terms. The the wife of Paana pathrar sang playing in her Yaazh. He appreciated the music truly. Not only that. Even the all the people who had gathered to listen the music appreciated wholeheartedly. The time to declare the judgement came. The king said, “ I enjoyed the music of both the women. But for me it appears that the music of Yeezham singer has touched my heart more. When he stopped by saying these words, not only the wife of Paana pathrar but also the entire gathering had a shock and were surprised. Though they felt what had happened to the king none was able to utter a word dissenting the king’s opinion. They also said in chorous “YES”. Though the king said like this to please her concubine his mind became restless and that something was pinching his mind.

He said “O” people who have gathered to listen the music, Though the Yeezham singer sang well I do not want to give a judgement based on the current competition. Because I could judge the efficiency of the both just with one song. I will conduct the competition on another day and there after I will declare my judgement.” Saying so he got up from the throne and left the hall  hurriedly. Paana pathrar’s wige who got shocked for having estimated her efficiency in singing so low, went to the temple of Chockkanathar in utter shame. She wept and prayed saying “”O” Chockkanatha, You carried firewood for the sake of my husband. You made known the entire world the fame of the Pandiyan king. Today I have a testing time. You made me to get insulted before the gathering. I do not know what will happen to me in the final round of this competition. Every one knows how the king gave a judgement against justice. You should only declare a good judgement”. A divine voice was hears immediately at that time. “O” Woman Don’t get agitated. You only will in the final round.” Respecting this voice as that of Chockkanathar, next day she went to the king. She told him “O” King. Do you feel good about what have you done? I f her singing was so beautiful truly I would have accepted my defeat and left the stage. You said that her singing was beautiful and sweet.I know you said so, only to satisfy your concubine and please her and bowing to her orders. The next competition should be held in the shrine of Chockkanatharin the presence of Natarajar who is dancing by changing his leg position. The dancer that HE is, let him give the judgement.” Saying so she left the place. The king started thinking of the words uttered by the Pana Pathrar’s wife. He shivered due to fear. Another date was announced for the competition. To see this competition the entire people of Madurai gathered.

The King said “O” citizens, I will not declare the result of this competition. Let this Kooththapiran who is dancing changing his leg positions declare the result. The person who is defeated should become the slave of the winner and do service for her lifelong. This is the only condition for this competition. When the competition was above to start a learned wearing a saffron coloured dhoti and smearing sacred ash all over the body came and sat on the throne without informing anybody. We will not allow any one to enter our house without permission however big and great he may be.we will not like that. When every one expected that King Raja rajan will also do the same he worshipped the stranger in an unconscious manner.  Paana Pathrar’s wife felt that the stranger who had come all of a sudden must be Lord Somasundarar only. She also worshipped him with folded hands. The competition started once again. First the Yeezham singer sang by playing on the Yaazh. After she finished her singing only a very few clapped their hands. The stranger did not utter any opinion on her singing. He didn’t clap his hand but remained quietly. Next after the Paana pathrar’s wife finished her singing the entire gathering clapped thei hands in unison. Every body looked at the stranger. He also clapped her hands for her singing. He got up from the throne and declared that the wife of Paana Pathrar sang very well and looking at the king he asked him that he should declare that Paana pathrar’s wife as the winner Immediately he disappeared from the sight. Raja Rajan felt that He who disappeared just like a lightning must be the Lord Somasudarar only. He felt ashamed for arranging this competition bowing to the desire of his concubine and acted against justice.

He then said “The person who came here and declared the judgement is not an ordinary person. That Lord Somasundaesa only has declared the judgement. His judgement is my judgement. Paana pathrar’s wife has won. This Yeezham singer should serve her lifelong as a slave. My judgement is the same judgement given by the God who had come here.” The concubine of the king bowed down her head in shame. He asked all the concubines to leave the palace immediately. He decided to follow a righteous path from that sday. Paana pathrar’s wife told the king “O” King, The fame of he Pandiyan kingdom was protected by the judgement declaring me as a winner by Lord Somasundarar. That mental satisfaction is enough for me. We are all the slaves of Lord Somasundarar. When it is so, I a human being do not want another human birth and that too as a slave. Please release the Yeezham singer from slavery.” The king then honoured both and sent the Yeezham singer back to her home.

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