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March 11,2011
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One Sundaresa pathasekara pandiyan was ruling the Pandiyan kingdom. He did not have desire in wars. So he reduced the strength of the army and with the money saved because of that desired to do service to Lord Shiva. He reduced the strength of the army to lesse than half of its strength. He initiated the renovation of Shiva temples that came under his control. He was a staunch devotee of Madurai Chockkanathar. The Chozha king got the news that the Pandyan has reduced the strength of his army through his spies. He thought that this is the right time to capture the Pandiyan kingdom, immediately declared that he is going to wage a battle. Pandiyan king got a shock on hearing this news. He surrendered the Lord Chockkanathar since at that point of time it is difficult to win over the Chozha king. He prayed “O” Lord I reduced the expenses on my army only with an idea to do renovations for your temples. No useful benefit will occur except shedding of blood unnecessarily by a waging a war. Without understanding my good intentions, Chozhan has waged a war. Only you should protect me and my people.” A divine voice was heard at that time. “Pandiya. Don’t worry. Strat your army. I will also participate in your army. Go without any worry in your mind”. Pandiyan king went tot the boundary of Madurai with his army. He faced the army of chozha king. In that battle a person looking a hunter was fighting on behalf of the Pandiyan king. No body knew who he was. He moved fast towards chozha king and told him “O” Chozha king first fight with me.

After you won over me then go near the pandiyan king. On hearing the challenge issued by a ordinary hunter, the chozha king got ashamed and annoyed. He stretched his sword towards him. The hunter knocked the sword with his spear, and drove away the soldiers surrounding the chozha king. Now the chozha king has to face the hunter without any weapon for self defence. Chozha king got afraid and got into his horse and escaped. On seeing this wonder, the Pandiyan thought that the hunter must be Lord Chockkanathar only. After some time the hunter was not to be found. The pandiyan king got into his horse and chased the chozha king. Having gone to some distance, the chozha king looked back. He did not see the hunter who was chasing him but saw the pandiyan king chasing after him. With some courage in his mind he turned back his horse. On seeing this the Pandiyan king got afraid and turned back to retreat. Now the chozha king chased him. There was a largr pit/deep gorge on the way.. The horse on whose back the pandiyan king was riding fell into that pit. The pandiyan began to swim. The horse on which the Choazha king came also fell into that pit. But there was an eddy or whirling (suzhal in tami.). Having trapped in that whirl he could not escape from that and died. Pandiyan king swam and reached the shore. The tower of the temple of Sundaresa Peruman was seen at a long distance. By standing there itself he worshipped the lord Sundaresar and praised him. He arrested the army of the Chozha and captured all their weapons. He sold al those weapons and out of the money earned by selling them he did further renovation works to Lord Chockkanahar. He got the blessings of the God.

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