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March 11,2011
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TIruppoovanam is a small hamlet near Madurai. (Its name now is Tiruppuvanam). Dancing girls called Harlot(Kanigaiyar in tamil) who perform dances called Natyanjali to make Lord Shiva happy were living in this hamlet. There was one Ponnanaiyal among them. The chaste woman that she was, used to go to the houses of her friends in the early morning, woke them up, and bathed in the river vaigai. She will worship Poovanatha Nathar and dance before him. .Then she will go back to her home, and distribute food for the devotes of Lord Shiva. After that only she will take food. She used to observe austerity like this daily. The God Poovana Nathat decided to make this woman famous and become known all over the world. She used to dance only before the shrine of Natarajar. At that time she used to have a close look at the statue. She prayed “ O” My God, Devotees worship you by praising you as Gold etc., Is it not good if your statute is made of gold. But a lot of money is required to make a statute in gold. You should give me the and means and power to collect  such a huge amount.” The Lord decided to accept her request which she has been making days together. With matted head(Jadamudi in tamil), water pot (kamandalam in tamil), and Rudraksha rosary he came as an ascetic to the house of Ponnanaiyal.

At that time a good number of Shiva devotees were taking food. He sat at the pial (raised platform in the front portion of the house). The assistants of Ponnanaiyal invited him to come inside the house and take food. But he said that he will come inside and take food only if the owner of the house  .i.e., Ponnanaiyal invite him personally. The said yes to his request and went inside to call Ponnanaiyal. She bowed before him. The ascetic said said “ Lady” I infer that there is a worry in your mind, which I could infer when I entered into this house. After removing the worry of your mind only,  it wil be a right thing to accept the food that you offer to devotees of Shiva. Now tell methe worry which is agitating your mind. She replied “ Swamy, The thought in mind is that I should make a statue of Gold for Natarajar. But for that a lot of money is required. I am afraid that my desire wil not get fulfilled because I don’t have that much money with me.  The Ascetic on hearing this replied ”So you are worried for this only.  Please bring all vessels made of brass, iron, copper and lead metals remaining in your house. I will convert all of them into Gold. Then you can melt all of them and make statute out of that gold. Ponnanaiyal had still doubt in her mind as to whether to believe the words this man. Yet she did all that he had asked her to do.

He applied the sacred ash all over the vessels and said “To night keep all of them in burning fire.” Saying so, he was about to leave the place when she interrupted him and said “ Swamy, Should you also not see the same. Why don’t you stay here for some more days.” The ascetic replied “O” Woman, I am residing in Madurai only. People call me as Siddhar(Mystic person). First you finish this work. Then I will come back whenever you think of me.” Saying so, he disappeared. Ponnanaiyal applied sacred ash in all the vessels and put them in the burning fire. Next day all of them got converted into gold. She wondered on seeing them shining. The person who had come and advised to do it is not an ordinary ascetic. He must be that Lord Shiva only. Only he can do like this. She made a statue in gold for Natarajar similar to the Natarajar statute found in the temple. She remembered the ascetic in his mind.. He also came there in person as promised by him. The Golden statute was kept in a car (Ther in tamil) and was taken in procession and then was consecrated in the temple. She worshipped the ascetic as Lord Shiva only, She worshipped the statute for a very long tme and there after reached the lotus feet of Lord Shiva.         

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