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March 11,2011
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After his return to Kanchipuram, Kadu vettti chozhan could not forget the darshan of LOird Somasundarar. He was thinking of him always. He had a desire in his mind to visit Madurai at frequent intervals to have HIS darshan. This can fructify only if makes friendship with Rajendra Pandiyan. To achieve this as a first step, he sent through one minister  gold and diamond jewels and some rare articles that were not available in Pandiyan kingdom. He also sent a letter to the Pandiyan king soliciting his friendship. Since Rajendra Pandiyan was aware of the devotion of Kadu vetti towards Shiva he accepted them with a kind heart. In return, through the same minister, Rajendra Pandiyan sent to Kadu vetti ,Pearl rosaries of Pandiyan kingdom and also some special articles. Thus their friendship extended to such an extent so as  to develop family relation ship. The King Kadu vetti had a very beautiful daughter. He wanted to get her married young Rajenda pandiyan, thereby the family relationship will become much stronger. This will help him to stay in the house of his daughter with honour and will get the opportunity to  worship Lord Somasundarar and Mother Angayarkann (Goddess Meenakshi). But Raja simhan the brother of Rajendra Pandiyan thought of keeping a check on this. Raja simhan is a bolt to the Pandiya dynasty. He will stoop too low and go to any extent to perform heinous crimes. He planned to remove his brotherfrom the kingdom, get  himself married to the daughter of Kadu vetti Chozhan and thereby rule both Pandiyan and Chozha kingdoms. This not a genuine desire but an undesirable wish and avarice. He went to the Chozha kingdom without the knowledge of his elder brother. King Kaduvetti offered a warm welcome. He is the brother of his would be son in law. He asked him the purpose of his visit. Raja simhan is an expert in talking in a cunning manner by understanding the weakness of a person.

He sid “O” Chozha king, You wanted to develop the relationship between our two countries by offering your daughter in marriage to my elder brother. It is doubtful how far he will keep the relationship with you in tact even after the marriage. But I am not like that. If somebody helps me I will remember that help till the end of my life. Hence I will marry your daughter. He talked in sweet terms and also in a most humble manner. Kaduvetti was moved in the talk of Raja simhan and his heart melted. The fact that Chozha king came in search of Pandiyan king will weigh high in the eyes of others than getting a bad name that Chozha king went to Pandiyan king with a marriage proposal. Withou further talk he agreed to the proposal of Raja Simhan.Then he decided to remove Rajendra pandiyan from the kingdom and decided to crown Raja simhan, the would be son in law. All these happened without the knowledge of the Rajendra Pandiyan. Kadu vetti made all arrangements for the marriage immediately, and conducted the marriage in his country. Then he sent a letter to the Pandiyan king Rajendra Pandiyan. “Rajendra Pandiyan, Your brother has married my daughter and have established a new relationship. Here after Pandiyan kingdom belong to our country. If you entrust the kingdom on your own then a need for a battle will not arise. If you refuse then there is no other way except waging a battle between both the countries.” These were contents of that letter. Rajendra pandiyan decided to teach a suitable lesson both to his treacherous younger brother and Kadu vetti who came to Madurai under disguise as a Shiva devotee. He declared a war and gathered more soldiers to his army to win over ingratitude Kaduvetti as well as his younger brother. By this time the chozha king has reached the boundary of Madurai and was waiting. Rajendra Pandiyan went to the shrine of Lord Chockkanathar, and prayed “O” Lord, Did you see the injustice of chozha king? Did you guide and brought to your temple one ingratitude person? Can you support and side an ingratitude person? Now I will tell you. That I will close and lock the doors of the fort so that entry will be denied to the army of the  enemy. It is your duty to ensure that no door is opened. At that time a divine voice (Asareeri in tamil) was heard.

“Rajendra, Don’t worry. Tomorrow go to the boundary of Madurai with all your four types of army where the enemy is camping. Make your army to fight with them. I will see the rest of it.” Accepting this  an order the Pandiyan king felt very happy. He ordered his commandants to keep the four types of army ready to fight because the Pandiyan king was confident that victory is theirs only. That night he slept peacefully. Next he took the four types army under his commandership. There the chozha army has gathered in vast numbers  just like a sea. The pandiyan army is a peanut when compared to the army of the chozha army. But he was not bothered, since he had the support of Lord Somasundarar.Pandiyan army entered inside by breaking the strategic array(Viyoogam in tamil)of chozha army. There was a fierce battle between the two armies. King Rajendran fought with Kadu vetti. Rajasimhan the brother of Rajendran fought with him in support of Kaduvetti. At that time Lord Somasundarar unfolded his drama. He saw to it that lot heat was generated from the sparks of fire when the weapons of the both armies clashed with one another. Unable to bear the heat both the sides got tired. They were thirsty. Tongues got dried. There was no water anywhere nearby. At this time Somasundarar erected a thatched shed(Pandal in tamil) for distributing water. He sat there looking like a Shiva devotee. There were lot of vessels full of buttermilk .The army rushed towards this pandal. Soma sundarar poured the watery buttermilk in cups and gave it to the soldiers. But only the soldiers of Pandiyan kingdom got this buttermilk. Not even a single soldier of chozhz army got even a drop of buttermilk. The  person who gave was none other than Somasundarar. The battle started once again. Having tired because of thirst, the chozhz armu could not continue the fight. Though they were higher in number than than the Pandiyan army because of thirst the ran away because of defeat. Kadu vetti and Raja simhan were left alone in isolation. The Pandiyan army surrounded them and arrested them. Rajendran could not believe as to how all these things have happened. He shed tears at the thought that The power of the Lord Somasundarar saved them by erecting a shed to distribute the buttermilk. Through this incident God taught a lesson that ingratitude persons and people who do injustice should not be given even a single drop of water. Both Kadu vetti and Rajasimhan were brought to the court handcuffed. There were expectations in the minds of all those assembled there as to what type of punishment is going to be declared. Both of them stood there with their heads down. But the judgement was an unexpected one. Rajendran told Kadu vetti  “O” Chozha king, Though you are desirous of capturing kingdoms ,yet you are a shiva devotee.  I will give lot of gold and wealth. You may proceed back to your own country.” To his younger brother he said “Young brother Raja Simha, I will give you a part of the pandiyan kingdom. You can become the king for hat.”   Both of them requested Rajendra Pandiyan to pardon them. Kadu Vetti left for his country with the remaining army. Raja simhan became a king. Rajendra Pandiyan became now more powerful.

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