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March 14,2011
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During the period of Kula Bhooshanam, the king of Madurai Lord Shiva decided to perform one more divine Play(Thiruvilaiyaadal In tamil). When Kula Bhooshanan was the king of Madurai there was one Kaadu Vetti Chozhan ruling Chozha kingdom. At that time Chozha kingdom got extended up to Kanchipuram.The capital city of Chozha kingdom at that time was Kanchipuram only. Since he destroyed trees of the forest by cutting them all, to make space for people to reside and live there, this king was named specially as Kaadu Vetti Chozhan. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. He used to  honour all Shiva Bhakthas (devotees) who visit Kanchipuram. He was uttering by his mouth always the five lettered Manthra NAMASHIVAYA.  Every one has a special attraction on the God of a particular temple. Some will think that they should visit Kasi atleast once in their life time and worship Lord Viswanathar there. For another person a thought will occur in his mind ‘will I not be able to Visit Kalahasthi and worship the Kalathinathar residing in the temple there.’another person may think that let me visit Chidambaram and worship the Natarajar there. Like these persons Kadu Vetti desired to visit Madurai and worship the Lord Sundareswarar. He knows what will happen to him if he sets his foot at Madurai. During those days other country people can  enter any other country only on friendly terms and not otherwise. There was enemity between the Pandiyan and Chozha Kingdoms. So Kaduvetti did not have permission to enter Madurai. So to worship Lord Sundareswarar there was like a horse’s horn. Kaduvetti was praying Lord Sundareswarar within his mind expressing his grief daily saying “O” Lord, You should take me to Madurai and bring me back again to Kanchipuram without any problem and without any strain in the relationship between the two countries. He shed tears during the prayer. Days passed. One night during his sleep he had a dream. In the dream Lord Shiva appeared and said “O” King Do not worry. I will arrange for your Madurai Darshan. Time has come for you to visit my shrine and worship me there. You go to Madurai under disguise. Other things will take place automatically.” Kadu Vetti woke from his sleep in shock. He was feeling very happy. His mind was jumping in joy.  He informed this matter to his chief Minister, disguised himself as a Shiva devotee (sivanadiyaar in tamil). He smeared his body with sacred ash and wore Rudraksha bead rosaries. He went from Kanchipuram by foot only towards Madurai. He did not wear chappals. It was very hot because of burning sun and his feet could not bear the heat. He walked fast by uttering the Manthram Shivaya Namaha which cooled his mind atleast. In a few days time he reached Madurai town. Having reached the northern side of Madurai he saw Vaigai River which crossed his way/path. There was heavy flood in the river. The flood was flowing fiercely carrying with it logs of wood, trees etc., However great one might be in strength, he can not swim in this flood. What a testing time for him?” Having reached the northern boundary of the town, if I can enter into Madurai, I will be able to worship you. I am afraid that having come so far I may not get your darshan” He was shedding tears profusely by saying that his prayers will go waste. Like the flood waters of Vaigai river his eyes were shedding tears profusely. At that time a voice was heard. “Devotee, Why are you standing here? Are you finding ways and means to cross the river?” He looked at the direction from where the voice came. There a Siddhar{Person with mystic powers) red in complexion was standing there. Kadu Vetti prostrated at his feet. He told him that he is an outsider and have come to worship Chockanathat. And the lord is testing him like this now. Siddhar consoled the Kadu Vetti by saying “MY son Do not worry. It is my duty to make this river go dry.” Saying so, he raised and waved his hands towards the river. What a surprise? The river became dry. The stage came that anyone can walk by entering the river. Kadu vetti entered the river which had only knee deep water now, along with the Siddhar and sprinkled the vaigai river water on his head as amark of respect. Then both of them reached the southern bank of the river bed. It was pitch dark then. They came to the temple. But the temple was closed at that time. Kadu vetti was afraid that if he remains there till early morning then some one will notice him.

Siddhar understood his mental state. He said “Do not worry. I will some how take you inside this closed temple. “ Saying so, he took him to the northern gate of the temple. As soon as they neared the doors, the fish seal (Meen Muththirai in tamil)opened automatically. Lord Sundareswarar who came disguised as Siddhar took him near the sanctum sanctorum. The doors of the sanctum sanctorum also opened automatically. Lord (GOD) was shining brightly in the presence of powerful lights lit there. There was no limit for the joy experienced by Kadu vetti. He did not have mind to leave the place so he sat down at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum. Siddhar invited him saying “ My son, Start immediately. We should leave this place before we were seen by the guards here. But Kadu Vetti without having a mind to leave the place, forgot himself and was drinking the nectar oozing from the biessings of the Lord there. Some how the Siddhar drew him out of that place, put the Bull seal instead of the fish seal and closed the door. He came to the northern bank of the river vaigai, and bid farewell to the king. The king thanked the siddhar and left the place. Next day there was utter confusion in the temple.

How the bull seal came instead of fish seal? Every one was wondering and in utter confusion. Havng heard the news King Kula bhhoshanam came to the temple and saw thr bull seal affixed on the door. “O” Lord Sundaresa Only the fish seal will be the right one for this town which has the blessings of Meeenakshi. Who made it as a bull? No doubt bull seal belongs to you, is it proper, right and good for a such a thing to happen.  What has happened is  good or bad Only you should give us the answer” prayed the king. Then he returned back to his palace. That night Lord Shiva appeared in his drean and said “ Kula bhooshana, Kanchi Kadu Vetti chozhan is an ardent devotee of mine. His devotion is in no way inferior to your devotion. He wished to have a darshan of mine. But if he visits this place as a king then he will not get permission to enter this town. A battle will ensue. So he came here in disguise as a sivan adiyar. He was distressed as he could not enter the Vaigai river which was in floods and was on the northern bank of the river. I only made the river become dry and brought him here. When he was returning after worshipping me I only fixed the bull seal.” Kula bhooshanan woke in a state of utter shock. He learnt the truth that God is common to all. He explained to all,  what has happened. Then he entrusted the kingdom to his son Rajendra Pandiyan and was concentrating on Lord Shiva only. After performing service to  Shiva for some time he reached the lotus feet of Lord Shiva.

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