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March 14,2011
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Soma sundarar performed a divine play once, to control and keep it under check, the arrogance of Karthigai women. Once they were discussing at Mount Kailash with Uma Devi. At that time the eight mystic powers .i.e., Anima, Mahima, lahima, karima, Prapti, prakamyam, Ishithvam and Vasithwam converted themselves as women and were doing service to Ambal. The glory and greatness of these mystic powers are beyond description. To obtain those mystic powers one should perform great penance. The Karthigai women wanted to get those powers. Having come to Mount Kailash to obtain the same they worshipped Lord Shiva and said “O” Lord, You should bless us with these eight mystic powers.” He told those women “ O” ladies, the eight mystic powers now are the servant women for Ambal. To obtain those eifht mystic powers you should worship the goddess Ambalonly. Please approach Amabal and ask her”. At that time the fate of those women were to undergo a change. Because of that they lost their cool and left that place without giving due respect to Ambal. They did not say even “Hello” out of courtesy also. Lord Shiva cursed them for having disobeyed his order in not meeting the Devi. He said “O” Women, Since you disobeyed my order and did not meet the Ambigai out of respect, you will look a withered tree without any leaves “ They fell down on the earth losing their beauty, iyswaryam, and looked like a withered tree. The place on the earth where they fell down is known as Patta Mangai.Even now that place exixts in Siva Gangai district by the name Patta Mangalam. History says that they remain in that town as stone. They remained there as stone for one thousand Deva years . They were covered by the seeds of banyan tree. When the time came for the curse to be removed the stones got themselves exposed. By the grace of Lord Shiva who was also there they got their curses nullified and went back to their own places. They requested Uma devi to pardon them and made a request with the eight mystic powers also. Lord Shiva told them “O’ Women, Siva yogis will not like to obtain such eight mystic powers. I will tell you the fame of those mystic powers. Please know it.” And then he taught  them all about the eight mystic powers.  They also heard the preachings and became Shiva yoginis. Even now one can see in It is note worthy to state that at the Meenakshi sundareswarar temple at Patta Mangalam even today the stone images of the Karthigai women(Karthigai Pendir in tamil).can be seen  The Mystic powers are eight types. They are Anima, Mahima, Lahima, karima, Prapti, Prakamyam, Yisithwam, Vasithwam. These are game play gor the sages and saints who have won nescience(Maya in tamil).

The reduction of one’s form to an atom assuming the subtle and invisible sate is called Anima. From earth aspect to Siva aspect  there are 36 aspects both inside and outside. This is Mahima. If a Yogi weighs like a Meru Mountain (.i.e., one’s weight is equal to the weight of Meru Mountain) and when lifted if he is weighless like an atom then it is known as Lahima. If a yogi looks very lean as an atom but when lifted if he weighs like a Meru Mountain then it is called Karima. One stationed at the nether world (Paathalam in tamil) enters Brahma world and again goes back to nether world then it is called Prapti. Entering into the body of another human being or beasts or birds and travelling in the air, making things that one wishes to have to come to his place where he is sitting  is known as Prakamyam.  To produce, protect and destroy like Lord Shiva as per one’s wish and make Sun and the nine planets to obey one’s order is Yeesithwam. To attract to one’s side celestials, birds, beasts, demons, human beings as well as Indran, the celestial king, and the lords of eight directions is known as Vasithwam. Lord Shiva explained to the six women in detail and in clear terms all these eight mystic powers. They also understood them very clearly.  Then they reached Mount Kailash through air.

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