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March 14,2011
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The king Kula bhooshana pandiyan was a great  philanthropist. He did several virtuous deeds without fail for Lord Shiva. So he earned lot of fame. Because of this he had developed arrogance(Aganthai in tamil). Lord Sndareswarar decided to give a medicine to get him rid of his arrogance. If a king commits sins then it will affect the his citizens and they will incur wages of sin. Similarly if the citizens commit sinful acts it will make the king undergo wages of sinful acts. These are all standard rules. Now because of the sinful acts of the king testing time came to the citizens. The crops withered for want of rains. If the Brahmins who are proficient in Vedas perform yagams, and the offerings put into the sacred fire(Agni) reach Varuna (lord of clouds and rain)then he will pour rains. If it is not given then either he will lash the place with torrential rains or will not rain at all and thus will destroy completely the crops. The water from the tanks, rivers will breach their banks and flood the area. Now there was no rain in Madurai city. There was not even a single drop of water in the Vaigai river. Since the tanks became dry there was no supply of drinking water. Since this state of affairs continued for a very long time, people suffered because of hunger and thirst. The king did not know about the arrogance he had. But he thought that he is doing various poojas, looking after his citizens very well, giving tax exemption for the sufferings. I am doing poojas six times daily(Aaru kaala poojai in tamil) in the Lord Sundareswarar temple. What is the use inspite of doing all thes acts? This God Paramasivam has made my country devoid of rains. Why did you gave these sufferings to the citizens of Madurai including me. He went inside the temple and prayed to the lord Sundareswarar. He did not get any reply there. He came back to the palace and lied down in his cot. Though lied down on a silk mat in the cot, accompanied by the flapping of fan by servant maids there is no history that a man with grief in mind will get sound sleep. Though he lied down on the cot closing his eyes he did not get sleep at all. At that time, he felt that someone had come and gave in his hands something  He heard a voice saying that the thing that was given in his hands is known as Ulavakkizhi. You give the contents of it to your citizens. It will keep on coming from it. There will not be any dearth. He woke up on hearing this voice in utter shoch, and found a bag full of gold in his hand(Porkkizhi in tamil). There were gold coins in it. He felt that Lord Sundareswarar had himself given it to him personally. He said to himself “O” Lord Sundareswara, I an wipe out the poverty with these gold coins from this Porkkizhi. But if the reason for the famine is not known then what wrong I have committed will also be not known and went into sleep. After some time he had a dream in his sleep.

A voice was heard in his dream saying “O” king Kula bhooshana, You are doing all the poojas due to me without fail. There is no doubt about in it. But you have belittled the devotion you have on me. You think that you are the only one in this world having bhakthi in a big way? Is it not an arrogance on your part to think like that? Do a devotee can have arrogance? You lost your intellect and knowledge and insulted the Vedic Brahmins. You are reaping the rewards for those sinful acts of yours now. Because of your mistake the people of your country is also suffering. The king woke up in a shocking state. He said “O” God Somasundara, Did you perform this drama just to pinpoint my arrogance and correct me? I feel sad that my citizens suffered because of my omissions. And feel sad for the sufferings encountered by my people. You should pardon me”. Next day he performed a pooja for the ulvakkizhi by placing it on a silk cloth. He asked all his people to come in a “Q” and receive the gold coins to all of them. He immediately ordered far a Yaga pooja. He invited the vedic Brahmins and distributed to all of them lots of gold money and cowsand sought their pardon for the negligence he had shown to them. The sound of the recital Vedas was heard every where again in the Pandiyan kingdom. The celestials became very happy and gave rains. The paddy fields yielded results. There was removal of hunger and thirst.    

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