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March 14,2011
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During the rule of Kula Bhooshana Pandiyan, a small chieftain by name Sethirayan planned to declare himself as a Great king by entering into several countries, and firmly establishing his power over them.He had an eye over 15 big countries, including the Pandiyan kingdom. Kula bhooshanam got this news through his secret messengers. At hat time soundara samandan was the chief of the army of pandiyan kingdom. He is a great commander in chief. If the army of the Pandiyan kingdom enters int any country under his command, they will surrender to him without raising any murmur. He was such a powerful person and at the same time a devotee of God also. He was great devotee of God Shiva. Though he is the owner of the profession which makes to fight it with sword in hands, he was an ardent devotee also. He never forgets to smear his fore head with sacred ash. He has never failed even for a single day to go to the Meenakshi temple and worship both Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Soma sundarar. If he goes to any battle field, he used to consider that placet as the temple foe Lord Soma sundarar and worship it. He is an ardent devotee to that extent. Kula Bhooshan who invited him said, “O” Army chief, I have received an information stating that the chieftain Sethi rayan is going to attack our kingdom. .His four types of army(elephant, horse, car and foot soldiers) is in an alert position. We should increase our army strength further before he enters into our kingdom.The expenditure tobe incurred for this expansion programme will be more only. Go to our treasury and collect money what ever and however much you want for this. Take all the steps to add strength to the existing army by recruiting more soldiers.” Samanthan accepted the suggestion of the king and said “O” King, I will also talk to the kings of other kingdoms also on whom he has planned to attack. Increase  the strength of our army also. Very shortly.  “ He went to the treasury and collected lots of gold, silver several bags full. Upon reaching the home he opened the money bags.

What  type of world is this? .  Is this money  tobe spent  to increase  the number of weapons, to wage a battle on others, and convert the battle field a smeared one with blood stains. What ever may be the country,  the government there has to spend money for further strengthening the present army. If we spend this same money for making spirituality to prosper further , many will getmore comforts. Peace will be established in the world.” Yes. This money should not be sent to increase further, the present army strength. Instead it should be spent for the  service of the devotees of Lord Shiva. He decided to do the same. He took the money from the treasury and went to see the devotees of God Shiva. He distributed the money as much as required by them. He spent the money to renovate the temples. He got full satisfaction. He knows that if he goes back to the king without recruiting soldiers for the army he has to incur the wrath of the king. But he did not bother on that. But a bad name will come to him stating that he has swindled the whole lot of money. If he earns a bad name he can not move among people with that bad name. All will declare him as one who has cheated the king and an ungreatful person. He felt sad on these counts only. To get rid of his mental agony, he went to the shrine of Sudareswarar. He worshipped the god there by stating “O” God only you should protect me. After some months the Kula Bhooshanan called for the army chief Samanthan.

“You took money from the treasury to collect the army for waging a battle against Sethirayan. You should have involved in that job of collecting army, recruiting the soldiers for the past one year. I want to see the march past of that army  . On hearing the march past of the army taking place here, Sethirayan should get panicky. You bring before me the army that you have collected and recruited to morrow evening. I want to see them.” Ordered the king. Samanthan got a shock of his life. He had spent the entire money in the service of the god. He has not recruited not even a single soldier. Now only God sundareswarar should come to my rescue. He is the only help at this critical stage. He prayed “ Chockkanatha, Only you should offer me the protection. I have spent the money in the service of your devotees. I spent a huge amount to renovate many temples. I am in a dilemma now. Please protect me” cried the army chief. At that time a divine voice was heard. “Samantha, Don’t worry. You request the king to come to the ground tomorrow evening. There I will come with our army.”  Since the god himself offered  a solution and bestowed his grace on him He became happy. Next day he requested the king to come to the ground and he waited in the ground for the king. Invitations were sent out for the citizens also to come to thr ground to witness the march fast. Since the God himself has given him the assurance Samanthan was full of confidence and was feeling proud also and waited  along with the king by standing next to him to witness the army which he has not recruited.

The king Kulla Bhooshanan was also having anxious moments. He ordered Samanth “ Commander in chief let the army start the march past.” Samanthan closed his eyes and meditated on Lord Sundareswara and said “O” Lord Chockkanatha, As promised by you to me, Please come”. A big army came in a march past making loud noises which shook the city of Madurai itself. At the centre came Lord Sundareswarar in the guise of a lad. He came sitting on the back of a white horse presiding over the army. The four types of army viz. elephant, horsr, car (Ratham) and foot soldiers camein the mardh past. Not just one or two. Surrounding the Lord Shiva came 78 thousand soldiers. i.e., 78 thousands minions (Ganas) of Lord shiva under the guise of human beings came. The wore Rudraksha beads rosaries and the fore head smeared with sacred ash. With the rise of dust cloud produced by the army it appeared as if the city of Madurai was not to be seen at all. Samanthan stood wonder struck. The King Kula Bhooshanan was very happy. Armies from countries such as Angam, vangam, Kalingam, Singalam, Maalavam Kulintham, Konkan, Telugu, savuda, Ottiya Kolla, Koorcharam, Vithesa, Kadara, Kekaya, Maragatha, Marattiya, Kanchi and from all over the Bhararatha Desam gathered in very huge and large numbers.On seeing them the king Kula bhooshanan shouted that the king Sethirayan is finished now. He embraced Samanthan since he had no words to praise him. He just looked  at the lad who had commanded this entire army. On seeing him and considering him as a human being(since he does not know that it was god who had come in the disguise of a beautiful and attractive lad) he gave gold and money in a lavish manner to that lad. He gave Samanthan also lots of gold and money. At this happiest moment a secret messenger  and bowed before the king.

“O” King of Pandiyan kingdom I have brought with me a very good and sweet news for you. When our enemy chieftain Sethirajan went for hunting in the forest he died because of an attack on him by a tiger” The joy of the king doubled now. He gave to the secret messenger Rosaries made of pearls, and nine gems. Then addressing the lad who commanded the army saying “ Now there is no need for this army. The enemy chieftain has died now. You may take the army back  to the barracks.  If  the necessity arises in future you may come again.” That is all. Immediately the lad and his entire army disappeared from the sight. The king was shocked. Samanthan told the king that that he did only service to the lord and renovated the temples with the entire amount that he took from the treasury. I explained my position to Lord Soma sundareswarar. I heard a divine voice stating that he himself will come. He also came as per his word. He finished the life of Sethirajan .Now he has disappeared with the entire army that came along with him. The King Kula Bhooshanam thought “ I am a fool. To kill Sethirajan instead reposing my faith on God Sundareswarar and believe him, I asked him to collect the army and recruit new soldiers. But at the same time it is because of the efforts of Samanthan Lord came here and showed himself to all of us. It is because of Samanthan that even the people of Madurai could see the God.” Saying so, he entrusted the entire wealth of the treasury to Samanthan. Samanthan spent the entire wealth for the service of God. The Vaigai river flowed without drying, But at the same time the king felt that there is no one above him in the matter of devotion to Lord Shiva.. This ego got rooted down slowly in his mind. So he failed to respect the vedic Brahmin scholars .As a result of this testing time came to Pandiyan kingdom again.       

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