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March 14,2011
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The news about the killing of the wild snake and the victory he got there upon brought fame to the King Anantha guna pandiyan. It added one more feather into his cap. Even after this incident the jains did not reform themselves. To establish their authority in Madurai they started giving further troubles to him.  They wanted to perform one more black magic homam and bring out a demon. Now they performed a trick also. Saivaites consider the cow as a holy one. They are worshippers of cow. They wanted to destroy him through the cow itself. The homam commenced. A powerful and fearsome demon came out of the yaaga agni. He addressed them saying “My Masters, order now. What task should I perform for your sake.? They replied to him “”O” Cow Demon (Pasuvarakkan in tamil)You should take the form of a cow and destroy the people of Madurai. With your strong horns, jostle and destroy the palaces, shops and other important places in Madurai and destroy them. Pasuvarasan started his journey. Having entered the town, he raised the size and shape of his body so big enough as to touch the sky. He killed many through his horns .This news reached the ears of Anantha guna pandiyan. The efforts that he took to control the cow failed. The Lord Chockkalinga peruman knows all. Who can stand before HIM? The King surrendered at HIS feet. He lent his ears to the request of his devotee. He invited his guard and vehicle Nandheeswarar. He told him “Nandhi, You take the form of a bull. Go to Madurai. Kill the illusory cow that has come to destroy Madurai town. Having got the order from the Lord, he rose up with anger. Its eyes shined like the fire of the homa hunda fire. Its tongue touched its nose. Its head touched the sky. In its horn there was a metal covering. Its neck had veera mani. Its back had golden shield. It encountered the illusory cow on its way. Raising his size and form upto the sky it walked very fast. A fight ensued between the two .In the end Nandheeswarar pierced the stomach of the illusory cow with its horns .The cow fell down on the earth raising the alarm and died. It took the form of a hill. That is now called Pasumalai and is situated near Madurai. Thus Anantha guna pandiyan did several good works for the saivaisam to flourish. After his life time his son Kula Bhooshana Pandiyan took up the mantle to rule.

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