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March 14,2011
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Madurai was peaceful during King Anantha guna pandiyan’s rule. Once again the Jainism(samana matham in Tamil) tried to dominate and get itself deep rooted. They planned to eliminate the Saiva sect king Anantha guna pandiyan. To achieve this purpose they built a Yaga salai (sacrificial stage) close to the banks of the Vaigai river. It was decided to conduct a black magic homam (Abichara homam in tamil). During the course of the homam an evil power will come out it. It was the plan of the jains to direct that evil power towards the king and kill him. The homam started very well. As eper the expectation of jains,  a Demon with a long curved tooth(Korai pal in tamil) fearsome body and eyes emitting fire came out of the fire of the homam. The entire Madurai rocked on hearing his fearsome laughing. He told the jains that he is feeling very hungry and unless they give him food immediately, he will eat them. The  Jains informed him “A big feast is waiting for you. This nation’s king is a strong built man and also highly muscular. There are others also  roaming in this city  smearing sacred ash on their fore heads. You can satisfy your hunger by killing and eating all of them. Now the Demon looked very happy. He took leave of them immediately by saying “Let me start immediately” and took the form of a snake. It looked like a highly poisonous snake.

By the mere breathing air of that snake all the paddy fields and sugarcane fields withered away. The trees lining the road side were burnt away. It opened its mouth. It was a very big mouth. It swallowed all the animals that came across on its way. Words were sent to the king about the atrocities committed by the snake. The citizens went to the king and narrated the sufferings inflicted on them.  The King replied by saying “Do not get panicky nor afraid of it. Our Lord Somasundam had drunk aalagaala visham(a very powerful poison that came out of the mouth the snake vasuki when both the celestials and demons churnedthe milk of ocean with the snake Vasuki as the rope) Let us approach him and pray at his feet. Meanwhile I will also  take necessary steps to kill it.  Saying he started carrying the weapons in his hand. The army followed. First he went to the shrine of Goddess Meenakshi  and prayed her. Then he went to the shrine of Lord Somasundarar and complained to him. At that time  the Lord spoke to him in such a low voice and tone that only he alone can hear “Pandiyan king Do not  get afraid. Do not be panicky about that snake. I will give you the necessary power and strength to kill that snake. Start immediately”. The King also left the temple in a happy mood. The snake has  reached by that time the western gate of the city. Anantha guna Pandiyan reached the place to face it without fear. The snake jumped at him. The king took the arrow and aimed at it.

That snake fell down into two parts pierced by the arrow. But that cruel snake had an alternate plan. It opened its mouth and vomited poison. The poisonous air spread all over the city. The people fell down unconsciously  then there.  Anantha guna pandiyan almost reahed the stage of unconsciousness but  some how adjusted himself and went inside the temple. He went to the shrine of Lord Somasundarar and prayed by saying “O” Lord, some time earlier when the celestials and the demons churned the milk of ocean using Vasuki the snake it emitted ahe aalagaala poison. But you drank the same and saved both sides. Today with your blessings even after piercing the snake into two parts, Its poison is approaching us to kill us. You should only sae us”. So saying,  he surrendered  at the feet of the lord. At that time a wondrous thing happened.  Lord Somasundarar appeared in person. He tilted his head on one side. He shed one drop of Amirtham(Elixir) from the Moon he was wearing in his head. That spread all over the town. It nullified the effect of that poison. The poison went in the direction of those who discharged the snake and attacked them. Those who wanted to show them as Big under the garb of religion  died. The Lord then disappeared. The people who lay unconscious got back their consciousness got up and started walking.  Having heard this wonder they went to the shrine of Lord Somasundarar and thanked him with tearful eyes. The place where the snake fell is now called Naaga malai.

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