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March 14,2011
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One more wondrous thing happened during the rule od King Kulothungan. Even several evil minded persons were living in his country. Among them was one Brahmin. He is not an ordinary evil minded person .His father was a strict follower of austerities. Yet because of his bad karma a wretched son was born to him. He was always in the company of dance girls and spent most of his time in their houses. He extorted the jewels of his mother and gave it to them. He gave all his belongings including his house to them. Now even coming after to a hut, he did not reform himself. When there was nothing left to give to them, he pressurised his own mother. Unable to bear this torture, his father prevented him. But that beast killed his own father. Then he removed his mother against her wishes forcefully. Now that lustful person (kaamugan in tamil) was loitering in the streets of Madurai as an orphan. Being a lustful person, he acquired a chronic disease. He became lean. Having lost all his energy, because of some good deeds that he did in one of his earlier births he was fortunate enough to come to Madurai. He saw the Meenakshi temple with all its tall towers. Having come up to the temple and thinking that he is not fit or suitable and is not a good conduct person, he did not enter inside the temple and sat at the entrance in a corner and was weeping.

At that time both Meenakshi and Chockkanathar were playing chess(Chokkattan in tamil) without any one’s knowledge. God never shows his sight or attention towards good people.After their death only they get salvation. But God blesses bad people for a good life. This seems to be a principle in the religious field. Lord Sundareswarar  told to Goddess Meenakshi “O” Devi, Did you this person sitting at the entrance of the temple? Because of his lustfulness he pressurized his own mother. He killed his father. I am going to act a play with him today.” But Parvathi Devi thought that her husband is going to kill him. This punishment is necessary for him. He has tortured his own mother and hence he should not live in this world. But Lord Shiva thought in a different way and blessed him. He along with Parvathi Devi approached him in the disguise of a hunter and his wife..He told him “ Why are you weeping by just sitting outside here. Go inside. Sit before the God and tell all your sorrows and acts of omission and wrongs committed by you and appeal to him. He will bless you.” That evil person poured out his heart to the hunter. He further said that there is no salvation for him. Lord Parameswar patted on his back and said “You weep before him for the sins ofr having murdered your father and pressurized your mother. Ask his pardon. Take a bath in the Portamarai tank. Resort begging(Unjavrithi)and take food once in a day only.Perform anga prathakshinam(total rolling of the body bya devotee in a temple to fullfil a vow).Your faults will be removed.”and blessed him. Parvathi felt very bad and sad and was unhappy. She asked Lord Shiva “You delay in giving blessings to good people. But for such bad and evil persons you immediately offer your blessings. Is it justifiable? I do not like what you have done now. I am unable to understand also” The lord replied “ Devi, Good people will always good people only. But if they want to lead a peaceful life, evil persond should reform themselves. Now look at the snake around my neck. It is a dangerous one. By character it is ferocious. But it is my duty to protect such ferocious ones also .That is why I am wearing it as a jewel around my neck.” Parvathi Devi replied “My Lord Nobody can understand your miracles or wonderful acts. You are the one who make people dance and you also dance” That Brahmin did all the remedies and solutions told by the hunter for a very long period. He rendered all the help within his capacity to also those who visited the temple. Then his wrong doings and faults were completed removed. He lived in Madurai for a very long time as a disciplined person and reached the lotus feet of God.          

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