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March 14,2011
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Fearing the blame: After the demise of Rajasekara Pandiyan. His son Kuloththunga Pandiyan took up the mattle to rule and ruled the country very well. Then his son ananathaguna pandiyan took up the mantle to rule the country. During his rule, a Brahmin and his wife with their child were coming to Madurai. He belonged to a place called Thirupaththur. On their way to Madurai they felt tired, and so they stayed under a banyan tree. The Brahmin went to fetch water. Being tired she went into sleep. The child was playing with the sand there. There was a mild breez. An arrow discharged by some hunter got stuck in the branch of that banyan tree. He discharged the arrow to kill the doves sitting on the branch of that tree. The arrow got stuck in the branch. Because of the breez, the arrow fell on the earth from the tree. That fell on the stomach of the wife of the Brahmin sleeping there and pierced the stomach. There was no one around. The Brahmin has not returned yet. There was a heavy discharge of flood and so she died. At that time a hunter came that side. That hunter is not the one who discharged  the arrow. He is a new one. He also came to the banyan tree because of tiredness and to take rest. He did not see neither the brahmin’s wife nor the child. Because of tiredness he slept on the other side of the tree. The Brahmin who went to fetch water returned. He got agitated on seeing his wife lying in a pool of blood.

The child was playing nearby ignorant of what has happened there. He cried loudly and looked around on all sides.He saw the hunter sleeping on the other side of the tree. He shouted at him saying “you have with out any justification killed my wife.”He woke up the sleeping hunter. “You have unjustifiably killed my wife. What harm have we done to you? What harm harm she has done to you” The Brahmin asked him in anger.As the hunter was in a sleepy state did not understand any thing said by the Brahmin. “ Who is this man? He woke me up and  he is asking irrelevant questions.” Felt the hunter. Then he understood the seriousness of the situation.”Did I kill this woman? Truly not. I am a hunter no doubt. But I do not hunt human beings. I do not know how this woman died. The arrow that had pierced this woman”s body does not belong to me.” Said the hunter. But the Brahmin did not want to leave him just like that. “You Lier, Let us go to the palace. Both Kulothungan and his son Ananatha guna  Pandiyan will be in the palace only. Let us ask him .And we will abide to the judgement delivered by them. The Hunter too was not afraid of any thing. One should get afraid of  only of one has done miakes. Let us go to the palace. He took the Brahmin and went to the palace. The Brahmin kept the dead body of his wife outside the gate of the palace, and sent word to the king through the soldier guardinf the palace. At that time the king Kuloththungan came there. He enquired the hunter in a very serious manner. The hunter said that he did not commit this murder. Yet the king had a serious suspicion on him. He ordered the soldiers to arrest the hunter and keep him in the custody. The king ordered the soldiers to take necessary steps including torture to bring out the truth from him. Though the soldiers tortured him, he was firm in his original stand. Kulothungan did not know how to proceed further.He told the Brahmin, “O”  Brahmin, Take necessary steps to burry the body of his deceased wife. Get the necessary money for that expenditure from me.Come here again after five days. You will be get a fair judgement. The Brahmin left the place. The King Kulothungan went to the Meenakshi Amman temple. He prayed whole heartedly to Lord Sundareswarar. “O” Lord Chockanatha, A case that had created a critical situation for me and my son has come for trial.before us  . It was not possible to ascertain the culprit. In this case it is not possible to find out who is the real culprit. In case a wrong verdict is pronounced it will ring discredit to the fame of Madurai city. The whole world wil say that the Pandyan kingdom has faltered from giving a right judgement. My rule will come to an end. You should protect us from not getting the bad name and reputation”.

At that time a divine light appeared in the sky. From that light waves of sound came forth. It said “ Kulothunga don’t lose heart. In a few days time a marriage is going to be held In Chettya theru(street). You and your minister both come there in disguise. You will understand the truth”. The king was happy to know that Lord Chokka nathar himself has come and spoke directly to him. He got relieved of his sorrow and thus left the place. He understood through his ministers the date of marriage and other details. Both the king and his minister went in disguise and sat in the marriage hall along with other guests. At that time two Yama’s (Lord of death}minions came there under disguise. They sat near the king. All of a sudden their voices were heard by the king and his minister. They could not see the owner of the voice. They looked around. But cound not see anyone. One minion of yama told to the other minion “Our leader Lord Yama has ordered us to bring the life of the bride sitting on this stage(of marriage). How to get the life of this bridegroom?”. The other minion replied, “It is very easy.Last week we got the life of the Brahmin’s wife in the forest by making the arrow fall from one of its branches directly into the stomach of that woman  . Just like that, we will drive away the bull standing at the back side of this house. Let it come here and pierce the stomach of the bridegroom and kill him. Then we will return back to our place along with his life.  “ On hearing this both the king and his minister had a shock of their life. They understood the truth that the hunter is not at fault.All of a sudden the voice they heard also was stopped.

Both the king and the minister did not know what to do Meanwhile the minions of Yama went to the backside of the house. They saw to it that the rope with which the bull was tied to a pole is loosened. The bull ran towards the marriage stage being got rid of the rope. The guests assembled there ran helter and shelter. The bride wearing all the beautiful bridal costume came towards the stage. The friends who had accompanied her also ran helter shelter. The bridegroom who was in the stage was caught amidst the crowd. The bull was nearing him. It drove away those who wanted to protect the bridegroom. With its horns it killed the bridegroom. Then it ran away from that spot. With blood gushing out of his stomach and body the bridegroom fell down unconscious and died on the spot. The King Kulothungan and his minister left that place. They went straight to the prison and sought the pardon of the hunter. They felt sad for the tortures suffered by him. They gave him enough gold. They told the Brahmin all that had happened. They gave him also lot of money and requested him to marry again and thereby live happily. The Lord Somasundarar applies Punugu(civet) to the minds of those who sufferbecause of false blame.

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