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March 14,2011
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At this time the rule of Vikrama Pandiyan came to an end. Since he died, his son Rajasekaran took the mantle to rule. He also, like his fore fathers was immersed very deeply in Siva Bhakthi. He wished to study the sixty four art forms. In that he completed the study of sixty three art forms. He did not study the remaining one art form i.e., Dance. His desire was to excel himself in Bharatha art, and become an expert in that. You may think what will be the difficulty in learning this art form when he has completed the learning of the other sixty three art forms. Whenever he went to the temple of Lord Sundareswarar he used to worship the Velliambala Natatarajar situated before the shrine. He used to say “O” lord. I learnt all the arts. But did not learn the Bharatha art form. Because you are remain as the head for that art form. Can I dance equally in this place where you perform your dance. It will amount showing disrespectful behavior to you.” When we think in one way God thinks in another way. We observe even today in the life of many persons that things happen which they did not want to happen. “O” shiva why are you testing me like this?” We can get angry with him with every right only with him. Just as this, things happened in a different and opposite way as against his thinking. The Lord of Velliambalam(silver hall) Sundareswarar thought of playing in his life. He started his play.

One day the court poet of the chola king Karikal Peruvalaththan came to Madurai. When he came to the palace of Rajasekaran, he welcomed the poet and honoured him by giving him a seat to sit in equal status along with him. They were discussing so many things. Their talk turned towards the sixty four art forms. The poet said “O” Great Pandiyan king, Our king Karikal peruvalaththan is an expert in all the  64 art forms. There is no one in the world like him in this respect. The Pandiyan King also agreed with what he said and added that it is in the interest of the world to have such a person of eminence. Now the poet started his mischievous talk. The poet said “let it be so. My king used to talk about your achievement of learning of 63 art forms  except that you did not learn the Bharatha art form. Probably you are not able to learn that since it evades your learning the same. So the Pandiyan King do not know dancing. Why you did not learn it?”It appeared as if he is pin pointing his weakness in a subtle and perverted manner. The Pandiyan king did not get angry. This person is only an arrow sent by Karikal Peruvalaththan. The problem is between  me and him only. Further this person is a court poet. So let me not get angry with him. With these thoughts in his mind, King Rajasekaran told the poet “Just observe the dance of Lord Natarajar. This world is surviving only because of his dance. If an ordinary person like me learn that highest form of art it amounts to insulting Lord Shiva. That is the exact reason for my not learning that art.

The poet was astonished on hearing this reply of the king. He felt sad whether he had spoken to the king in a wrong manner.  “O” King I have spoken wrongly without understanding your mind. Yet please under stand one thing. That the chola king has spoken in an insulting manner. “ So said the poet. To do good to those who do wrong to you is a grear virtue. Without minding the words spoken by the poet in a insulting manner at him, the king gave away lot of valuable  and costly goods to the poet, honoured him and bid him fare well. Moved by this gesture of the Pandiyan King, the poet spoke very high of the king and his citizens. After the poet left the place the king was in a turmoil. He thought “Whether the God expects that I should learn the Bharatha dance?Probably he desires that I should learn and wants to see my dance. He went to the shrine of Lord sundaresar to ask the Lord Natarajar himself who is dancing in the Velliambalam there. He prayed  Natarajar and said “”O” Lord, If others insult me in my personal capacity I will not mind. But this is an insult to the Pandiyan Kingdom. I am desirous of learning Bharatha dance. You should bestow your blessings on me.” His eyes were full of tears. Just to answer his tearful prayer a divine voice was heard at that time.

“Kulasekara Pandiya, My lovable son. Just to protect the fame and glory of Pandiyan kingdom you immediately start learning Bharatha dance, My blessings to you and also best wishes to you”. Pandiyan king felt immensely happy. Immediately a master to teach Bharatha dance was summoned. He offered Guru Dakshina to him and started his practice of learning the dance. It is not so easy to learn it. One should master Seven swaras, thaalas,Ragaas, Bhaavaas,twenty types of body movements. He learnt all of them with an earnest interest. Every day after returning from the dance practice he will immediately lie down in his cot. His legs will be aching. At times unable to bear the pain he will cry. At that time a thought flashed appeared in his mind like a lightening and disappeared. Yes. I am learning dancing only for the past few days only. I have terrible pain in my legs. But my Lord is dancing non stop. And he is standing by lifting his left leg for years together. So his legs also will  feel the severe pain. If he dances by changing his leg positions to that extent the pain will get reduced. Yes. We will go to him. And request him to dance by changing his leg positions.  With these thoughts in his mind he went inside the temple.

“O” Lord  When I feel intense pain even after few days of dancing, How severe will be the pain for your legs. Please dance by changing your leg positions.” Said the King.  T appeared as if Natarajar did not pay heed to his words. Rajasekar was stubborn in his request. “Look. Change the positions of your legs immediately. Otherwise I will cut my head with this sword in my hand and reach your holy feet” so saying he  removed the sword from its cover. At that time a very bright light appeared. Lord Shiva appeared before him in his vehicle the Bull. The Lord said “My son, It will happen as per your desire. Just now I will change the position of my leg. Look at it. “ Till that day the Lord who was dancing by lifting his left leg, danced by changing his leg position  by lifting his right leg. Pandiyan king felt happy. Tears rolled down from his eyes. “O” Lord in all other holy places you may stand in any manner. But in this place i.e., Madurai you should dance by lifting your right leg only. People should see this till the world exists. So requested the king. And the lord also agreed to his request. Till today the lord is dancing by lifting his right leg at the Velliambalam(silver hall) In Madurai. There after the king Rajasekara pandiyan spent his last days in the thought of Shiva only reached the holy feet of the God.  

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