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March 14,2011
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A Brahmin by the name Virubhakshan was living at Madurai during the rule of King Vikrama Pandiyan. His wife’s name was Subha Vrathai. The couple were leading a unity life. But they did not have any children. They prayed with tears rolling down from their eyes to Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundarareswarar  daily to bless  them with progeny. A time came for Goddess Meenakshi to answer their prayers. Yes. Subha Vrathai became pregnant. In about ten months time she gave birth to a female child. The child looked so beautiful as if Goddess Meenakshi herself has come to their house as  their child. They named the child as Gowri, one of the names of Goddess. Gowri during her infancy itself started practicing the recital of Manthras. She use to sing praising Goddess Meeenakshi and Chokka nathar with their 1008 names. People used to come to the temple in large numbers to hear her songs in babbling words. She reached the age of ten years. One day she told her father “ Mu dear father, I read the life history of Karaikkal Ammayar. Just as she reached  Mount Kailas with her body, I also want to attain Mukthi. Please tell me the ways to achieve that.”

Virubhakshar felt very happy thinking of her daughter’s high thinking and devotion. He did not put a  ban the desire of her daughter. He taught several Manthras to her and asked her to recite them continuously and regularly. For Unchavriththi( taking Bhikshai) many followers of Both Saiva and Vaishnava sect used to visit her house daily. Gowri used to take her food only after offering all of them food. One day a brahmachari ascetic  came to their house just like a tempest. That youth belonged to the Vaishnava sect. He had applied Vaishnavite’s religious marks in his fore head. Virubhakshar some how liked him even at his first look at him.” We belong to Saivaite sect. some how my mind likes him though he is a follower of Vaishnavaite’s sect. My mind feels that if I get my daughter Gowri married to him all good things will happen. Let me ask the views of  Gowri about this”So thought Virubhakshar and called his daughter. Mean while Gowri also had come to offer food to that lad. When she came inside after offering food to that Vaishnavite  he called her daughter lovingly. She also responded to her father’s call by saying “Father what is the matter?” He told her “ Did you see that Vaishnavite youth? I like him very much. I would like to get you married to him.

In olden days unmarried girls will never look at any youth. That too Gowri was brought up in a congenial and good atmosphere. Though served him food, she did not look at him even casually. Now when her father asked her like this she did not know what to answer. “ My aim in life is to reach God. To ensure that I will have no more future births. When the situation is like this my father wants to entangle me in family life. Though she was little confused on hearing the words of her father, she was further confused at the thought that There is no Manthra which is higher than father’s words. Finally the thought that she should keep her father happy only won. She did not utter  even a mono syllable  “….m”. The girls during those days will never tell like that. They will show a smile with a bashfulness in their face, and that too without raising their head. Gowri is no exception to this. She exhibited her approval  and consent with a smile in her face. Virubahkshar asked the Vaishnavite youth on this matter. He also gave his consent and approval with a smile. Since the very next day itself was an auspicious one Virubhakshar conducted the marriage in a very simple manner. He offered dowry to the son in law and lot of jewels to her daughter and bid them fare well to the town of the son in law. When they left the house, they did not except such  a storm to brew up in the house of the son in law. When the bride and bridegroom reached the house of the bride groom, the father of the bride groom became very angry and hot.

“You have charmed my son who was brought up in Vaishnavite cult, and married him. How will we accept a saivaite? It is better for you to go back to your house. “ shouted the father of the bride groom. Gowri’s mother in law went one step  further. “What is your caste? What is our caste? Since my son has agreed for this marriage I will let you come inside the house. But you should not live together with him. After completing the daily chores  you should go that separate room. If you try to come out, then I will lock that room by keeping you inside that room. Even if we all go outside, we will keep you locked inside that room only.  “ Her mother in law said.  Gowri did not get upset. The God has written in each person’s head that it should happen like this. Every thing happens as per one’s previous birth karmas. It is not possible to run away from this however much one wishes and try. Gowri believes in this concept. The presiding deity has decided that I should dance according to her tune, Let me dance accordingly as per his wish. Let me keep his name remembered always, let me always think of him and leave this world with his name in my lips and mind. So thinking she decide to accept this punishment given by her in laws, and accepted the punishment whole heartedly. Though the Vaishnavaite lad was fully aware that the actions of his parents are wrong, he did not object to his parents’ actions. He acted as per his parents’ wish. One day his parents left the house to a nearby town. As usual she was kept locked in the room. An elderly person was coming through that streer reciting the Manthra Nama Shivaya. He saw Gowri standing near the window. He said “My daughter  . I am hungry. Offer me food”.  She told him that she is in a locked room and that she is so unfortunate that she could not offer him food even after hearing from him that he is hungry.  The elderly person replied “Daughter Do not worry. Just put your hand on the lock. It will open automatically.” She got surprised and did like that. The lock got opened. She came outside by opening the door and put her hand on the lock of the kitchen room also. She put her hand on the locks of the almirah where things are kept. All of them opened. She invited the elderly person to come inside, washed his feet, splashed water on his head and asked him t sit in the swing(Oonjal in tamil). “ Swamy. I will cook the food for you quickly. Tell then take rest and have a nice nap “ said Gowri.

That elderly person slept for a while. As soon the cooking was over, she woke him up and served him with the hot food. He also enjoyed the food. At the time of his departure he said “ Daughter, I know that You want to attain Mukthi at a very young age. That will definitely happen. “ Gowri was little confused as to how this elderly person know his mind? Who is this person? At that time an unexpected wonder happened when she looked at him. Yes. That elderly ascetic got himself transformed into a baby. Gowri got wonder struck. How the elderly person got transformed into an ascetic? From where and how this baby has come? When she was thinking over it God Sundaresa Peruman appeared in his beautiful form before her. She said “O” God, Is it you who came to eat food from my hands? I I am blessed for having worshipped daly all these years. I got the reward for the poojas that I performed all thes years. The difficulties that you gave in my family life  was it for the sake of giving darshan for me? I will consider myself lying down in the Potramarai tank, even if my people throw me in burning coal just for the sake of your darshan.  “ When she was feeling like this  with a melting heart, Sundareswarar became once again a baby. She kept the baby on her laps, and thus became the mother gor God himself. Just then her people returned back to the house. They had a shock on seeing the house remained open which was locked by them. They had a further shock when they came inside the house and saw Gowri with a baby in her hand. Gowri’s mother in law said “When we left this house, we locked and went. Did you make a false key stealthily ? Let it be so. Whose baby is this? And how did it come here? Gowri replied “Aunty, When you went outside Devathathan and his wife came here. The door opened automatically. They gave me this baby to me and requested me to look after it till they return back. “ Both the aunt and others did not believe this. They asked her to leave the house immediately, thinking that she is a cheat. She got perplexed and did not  know what to do, her mother in law threw her out of the house and locked it from inside. Gowri cried with the baby in her hand like an orphan. “O” Lord Sundaresa, Why are you testing me like this? Just at that time the baby in her hand disappeared. Lord Sundaresa Peruman appeared before her on his vehicle the bull. “Daughter, You wanted Mukthi at the young age itself. So I gave all difficulties in your family life. Every thing happens in each one’s life  as pre determined with a reason behind it. I performed this drama to offer you Mukthi. Now you will reach my holy feet. “ Gowri surrendered herself at his holy feet  and merged in HIM and became one with HIM.

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