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March 14,2011
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During the rule of Vikrama Pandiyan, both virtue and justice flourished.  People were not aware of the word “NO”. The king who helped Saivaism to grow banned the growth of other religions. Because of this Thevaram was recited every where. Who can shake a country which has both Bhakthi and Virtue? Vikraman waged battle on various countries. He defeated the kings of those countries. He ordered that all the defeated  kings have to pay KAPPAM( tribute paid by defeated king to an emperor) to him. There was a king in Kanchipuram defeated by Vikraman. He could not accept nor stomach his defeat. He made a vow that some hoe he should defeat Vikraman. Because it is difficult to defeat him by using valour, he planned to create religious disturbances by which he can defeat him.  During those days there was a endless fight between  Saivaism and Jainism(samanam in tamil). Followers of Jainism were experts in Manthram (incantation) and Thnthiram(tricks). Kanchipuram king decided to use  sorcery and witchcraft (Billi and soonyam in tamil) on Vikraman and kill him.So he brought 8,000 sages of  Jainism who were living in eight caves. They also came there. After giving a rousing welcome to all of them he revealed his plans to them in a cunning manner.

“O” Jain sages, At Madurai the Pandiyan king does not allow any other religion to develop and grow except Saivism. Now all the kings of various kingdoms in Tamil nadu have become slaves to him. Every one of us have been forced to follow only saivism. If allowed in the  course of time Jainism will  be destroyed completely. I want to follow Jainism. If Our religion has to grow and prosper then Saivism should be destroyed .If Saivism  has to be destroyed then Vikraman should die. For that you should do subjugation and use the magic art of subjugation.   The sages boiled with anger. They said “ We will do any thing for our relifion to grow. Further  Savaits are our permanent enemy. “O” King don’t worry. Your rule only will be there through out the world. Further Saivaits are our permanent enemies. Jainism will prosper.  We are not going to kill directly. We are going to begin an yaagam immediately now itself. At the end of the yaagam , by the power that we are going to send Vikraman will die”
Vikraman laughed  with ridicule. The Yaagam commenced. The jain sages put poisonous weeds and sticks in the homa Kundam. Further they poured the fat collected from poisonous creatures, as fuel. All the items put in the Homa kundam released  release poisonous gas. The gas emanated from that polluted the entire atmosphere. It dried up the rivers

Within few days, A very big elephant, whose black colour was more than normal and usual,emanated from the homa kundam with a  deafening trumpeting noise . The sages who were stroking its body with peacock feathers told it “ A very big power that you are, Go to Madurai straight. Show your anger on that town. Enter into the palace there and destroy every thing there. Kill the king Vikrama Pandiyan. This is an order by us to you. “ The elephant shaked its head as if it has understood their order. Its anger was a uncontrollable one. Within a fraction of a second lt grew very big in size. Its legs raised upto the sky. By putting just two steps it just entered the boundary of  the city of Madurai. It entered into the gardens there and destroyed them. It then entered into the paddy fields and trampled upon them. It killed all those who went near it to drive it away. Unable to tame and control the elephant the people rushed towards the king. Having  heard through his soldiers about people rushing to the palace to meet Vikrama Pandiyan, he came to the upper storey of his palace and stood there. Fear gripping their faces the people came and stood before him. One among the people addressed to the king “”O” Great Pandiyan King, An elephant which has not been by anyone earlier is coming to Madurai. No body has seen such a monstrous  elephant so far in their life time. Its height is so much as if it would touch the sky. Fire sparks are emanating from its eyes. It is destroying the paddy fields. Some among us have died unable to face its wrath.

You should only save us. “  On hearing this the king was astonished and at the same time feared also.  Who elese except our God Sundaresar will be there to kil this?So let me offer my prayers asking him to kill it even before it enters into the city. So let all of us go to HIM and pray to him. The people went behind the King and followed him. All of them prayed to Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar whole heartedly. A divine voice (Asareeri in Tamil) was heard immediately. “ Vikrama Pandiya . Shed all your worries. Don’t worry. Pandiyan kingdom is my kingdom. I can not bear the sufferings of the people. You  build  a sixteen pillared hall(Mandapam) on the northern side of the town. I will come and remain there under the disguise of a Hunter. I will kill the elephant from there. “ Vikrama Pandiyan prostrated himself before the God, and expressed his thanks. Why there should be further fear when God Sundareswarar himself has assured our safety. Though it was evening he rushed to the northern boundary of the city. Stones were brought. The construction of the temple went through out the night with the assistance and help of thousands of people.  The construction was completed before it was dawn. Next day the people were eagerly waiting there. Lord Sundareswarar instead of wearing his usual tiger skin was wearing Red Garment. He was carrying Spear, bow and arrow, and sword.

As soon as he got inside the sixteen pillared Mandapam, the people had a good darshan of him. Vikrama Pandiyan prostrated at his feet. Asking the king and the people to keep themselves aside at a farther distance, The Lord took the Narasimha arrow(Paanam in Tamil). That went past like a lightning and pierced the body of the elephant. It fell on the ground by making a loud noise and with blood coming out of its body it died. Now the soldiers of Vikrama Pandiyan chased the soldiers of Kanchipuram king and the remaining jain sages. They caught hold of some of them. They chased some of them and killed them. Perhaps only very few could have escaped. The elephant which fell down became a very big rock. Before entering the boundary of Madurai there is a small village called Oththkkadai. If we look at from there one can see a rock which appears as if an elephant is lying down. Now they call it by the name Yanamalai. Lord Narasimhar appeared from the earth where the Narasimha paanam fell on the earth. He sat under the Yanamalai. Even now at the foot of the rock this temple is there. This Narasimha temple is a famous one in Madurai. The king Vikrama Pandiyan requested Lord Shiva to remain permanently in the sixteen pillar mandapam and the lord agreed. In this way the people became happy by getting rid of the sufferings caused by the Kanchi king.  Time passed of slowly. Vikrama Pandiyan was blessed with a son who was named Rajasekara Pandiyan.

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