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March 14,2011
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Lord Shiva wanted to take him back into his folds at the end of his life span. He disguised himself as a person with all mystic powers and sat inside the temple. The citizens of Madurai came to know that a person with mystic powers(Siddhar) has arrived in their town , went to see him and worshipped on seeing his divine face and form. Matted hair(Jada Mudi in tamil). Sacred thread (Poonool in tamil), spatika  m and Rudraksha beads  rosary in his chest, sacred ash (Vibhoothi in Tamil) smeared all over his body, ear rings, a golden stick in the hand and an axe(Mazhu in tamil), Gowpeenam(loin cloth),Tiger skin. He was wearing the above and was sitting in the temple’s circling path(prakaram in tamil)  with a smiling face. He used to come around the city several times and did several mystic acts. So people gathered around him in good numbers to have a look at him. He will disappear suddenly while doing mystic acts. Then he will not be seen however much you try to locate him. At the same time he will reappear on another side of the same street and will be performing some mystic acts. People will rush to that place. He will make elderly people look young. Similarly he will make young people to appear as old persons. He will convert male into female and female into male. He will cure the  physically disabled persons  and make them normal ones.

Those who are blind, deaf and dumb right from the birth will be made to see, hear and speak by him. He will make rich to become poor and make poor to become rich. He will make salty water into a tasty potable water. He will make the withering trees to get back once again normal with leaves flowers and fruits. He became popular among the people by doing such mystic acts. The news about this person reached the ears of the king Abhishega Pandian. He ordered his ministers “ I under stand that people flock this mystic man in large numbers. So ask him to come and see me.”The Ministers rushed to the temple. Their they stood forgrtting themselves on seeing the several mystic acts of this Siddhar. All the people whovisit the temple stood around him only. The Ministers approached the siddhar. They said to him “O” Great Siddha, We are the ministers of Abhishega Pandiyan. Having heard of your mystic acts, Our King has instructed us to bring you to the palace. He would like to see you”.  

“Will you kindly start and accompany us?” so said the Ministers. The Siddhar replied negligently. “King? Who is he? I do not have any work to be done with him. In case if he has got any work to be done by me for him, then he should come and meet him. “ The Ministers were shocked on hearing this reply by the Siddhar. He can not be carried by force. Even then how much time will be required for him to remove the knots tied around him. Not only that. If he punishes them what will be their state of affairs. So they took leave of him. On reaching back to their king Abhishega Pandiyan  they said to him “ O” Great King . We went to see the Siddhar as per your orders. What if the state of affairs of our ordinary persons when We ourselves were astonished on seeing his mystic acts. We iformed him about your request, He replied without any fear “ Ask your King to come see me”. They were afraid that the king may get angry and shout at them as “You incapable Ministers.” But the  king replied in a different mnner.

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