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March 14,2011
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(Madurai becomes Naan mada koodal)

Lord Varuna  became sad and angry because his power did not gain acceptance.  With the thought that some how he should express, show and reveal his power once again he stopped the clouds that absorbed the water and roared at them “O” Clouds, You pour down as rain all the water that you have absorbed. Dash against each other, and create both lightning and thunder. Madurai should tremble in terror on hearing the noise that you are going to produce. Do you under stand?”The clouds having to obey the orders of their master did as was told by the Lord Varuna. The citizens of Madurai caught in the waves of the ocean, wept and prayed to Goddess Meenakshi by saying “What a test for Madurai? “O” Lord Chockka natha Somasundara, “O”, Goddess Meenakshi, It has become a routine for you to put us into trials and tribulations. You made us drown in the ocean and then made us to escape from it. Now there is heavy Rains, lightning and thunder are lashing out at the city. It seems that we will loose our eye sight because of this lightning. By hearing the deafening sound of the thunder when even snakes are trembling in fear, what if the state of small children in the house. Please help us”.

Abhishega Pandiyan who do not normally lose heart,  was spell bound because of this test. On seeing the state of affairs of Abhishega Pandiyan , Lord Chockkanathar assuaged his feelings by saying “ My son, Don’t be stirred and confused. Whatever problems and tests Madurai gets, It is my duty to protect Madurai from them.” And consoled him. Then he took from his matted hair(jadamudi in tamil) for clouds and ordered them “O” Clouds, By surrounding Madurai, on all its four directions and standing there covering the city on all its four directions, ensure that no rains fall inside the city, by absorbing the waters from the clouds sent by Lord Varuna.  The clouds surrounded Madurai on all its four directions and absorbed all the waters from the seven clouds sent by Lord Varunan.  The seven clouds sent by Lord Varuna lost all their power. On seeing this Varunan got panicked. He came to Naan Maada Koodal  which remained covered by clouds on all its four directions. He worshipped Lord Chockkanathar  and said, “O” My Lord, Please pardon me. Indran came to worship you but returned back completely wearied and returned back to his place. At that time I asked him Is there  any remedy to cure my stomach ache which is troubling for a very long time. He replied to me by saying that I should worship you and with that my ailment will get cured. But without knowing your glory and greatness  I laughed at him and ridiculed at the suggestion. For that Indran told me to test you if I want to know the truth. So to test you only I did this shameful and mean act. By condoling my mistake please pardon me.” Blessing him Lord Chockkanathar said “O” Varuna, You did not do it. This was done by me. Your stomach ache will vanish from today. “ Having relieved from the stomach pain Varunan took bath in the Potramarai Tank and worshipped the Lord with flowers. Then he returned back to his place. In order to prevent the clouds sent by Varunan, the four clouds sent from the matted hair of Lord Shiva raised as four mountains. Because they became four storeys  and covered the city of Madurai on all its four directions Maduai got the name Naan Maada Koodal.

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