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March 14,2011
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During the tenure of Abhishega Pandiyan’s rule, every year on the Chithra Pournami day (Full Moon day in the tamil momth Chiththirai  Apr/May), Abhishega Pandiyan began the custom of performing abhisgegam(ritual bath) with scented camphor(Pachchai karpooram), sandal paste etc., to Lord Chockkalingar, in the night. Till that time, Indran who is the head of celestials, was performing Pournami abhishegam  without the people of the earth knowing about it. They were not aware of such an abhishegam done by Lord Indra. Since Abhishega Pandiyan on the pournami day came earlier and performed the abhishegam  Indran had to wait for some time to perform his abhishegam. Once on the next day of Pournami,  Varunan the Lord of Clouds and Rains visited the Chokkalingar temple. He saw Lord Indra  who was here with a sad face, and asked him “O” Indra, Why you are looking very sad? You the Lord of Celestial world by coming to this earth looking very sad and in a despair mood.?”

Lord Indran replied “O” Varuna, I was the one doing the first abishegam for the Chickkalinga Peruman on Chithra Pournami day. Since Abhishega Pandiyan came earlier than me yester day, I had to wait for my turn to perform the Abhishegam. A special favour shown to an ordinary human being is not shown to me who is the head of the celestial world. Except feeling sad for my pitiable state what else can I do?” Varunan asked him “ what is there  in the act of performing the abhishegam first?  Why should worry for that?  Is this Lord Chockka nathar is so powerful so as to perform abhishegam first?”.  Indran replied to Varunan “ There is no doubt on that. “  Varunan then said “ If it is so, Whether  This Chockkanathar will be able to cure my stomach ache(which I am having for a very long time ) and which was not got cured even by the medicines given by the celestial doctor. Will this Chockka nathar be able to cure my stomach ache?”Lord Indra replied “ When Our chockkanathar will be to cure the disease of Rebirth itself  will he not be able to cure your simple stomach ache. “ Varunan then said “ O.K. Indra if it is so, I am going to do an act by which his name and fame will spread all over the world. I  am eager to see his Tiruvilaiyaadal.” Indran was waiting to see that brave act which Varunan is going to perform.  Varunan invited the King of Ocean. “O” King of Oceans . Please send the ocean to Madurai. That should destroy this Madurai.” So ordered Varuna to the king of oceans. The ocean king obeyed his order. A big deluge came. The ocean rose and entered into the city of Madurai. All big houses fell like a pack of cards unable to withstand the on- slaught of the gushing water. Many people died. There were shouts of death heard every where. Abhishega Pandiyan and few others who escaped from being drowned by the gushing water,  entered the temple. The water did not enter into the temple premises but stood surrounding the temple out side. They appealed Lord Soma sundarar to save them from this peril. The All Merciful Lord Soma Sundarar appeared before them. He brought the clouds and ordered them saying, “O” Clouds , Absorb this water of the Ocean.”Within seconds, the ocean water disappeared without leaving even a trace of water. By Lord’s grace the deceased came back to life. They all praised the Lord for the mercy shown to them.

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