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March 14,2011
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Once upon  a  time . the five elements of nature  got changed from their usual and normal positions. The fourteen worlds and all remained in those worlds  subdued and merged as they were  in their original state. When the great deluge and destruction at the end of the universe came, even the Vedas  remained in concealment. There after as time passed  all of them once gain appeared in the presence of Lord Shiva just as the lotus blossoms before the sun. At that time the pranava manthram “OM” appeared from the voice of LOrs Shiva. From it, all the Vedas once again re appeared. The inhabitants of Nymicharanyam, Kannuvar, karrukkar(both of them sages) recited those Vedas, but were found in a state of sorrowness(as was seen from their face and mind). At that time Arabatthar who had acquired power through his intense tapas(penance) came there. The sages who were there at that time, worshipped him. Then they welcomd him and gave him a seat and made him sit in that seat. They were sitting with sorrow in their mind.  Arabatatthar,asked them why they are looking very sad and the reason for their sorrow. The sages replied”Lord, We studied the Vedas given by Lord Shiva. But we could not under stand the inner meanings of the Vedas.”

Arabatthar told them “O” Sages, the Lord Shiva himself will make you understand the inner meaning of the Vedas. You perform a penance(tapas) towards Lord Shiva”. On hearing the words of Arabatthar,  the sages felt very happy and went to Madurai, They took bath in Potramarai tank in the Meenakshi temple, and also prayed to Soma sundarar. “O” lord,  to us who do not know the inner meaning of the Vedas, and thereby remain sad you blessed us by remaining as the inner voice of them,. You are the meaning of those Vedas and no one else. “ Thus saying  they reached the sannadhi of Dakshina moorthi under the shadow Kallala Tree. There Lord shiva appeared as a 16 year old Brahmin Guru, Lord Shiva asked the sages “ you are faultless sages and have performed tapas with out any blemish. Please tell me what do you want. . The sages replied that Lord Shiva should explain the inner meaning of Vedas, in the presence of all. Shiva responded to their request, and explained all of them to it, “O” Sages , please listen attentively. The meaning of the Vedas are very secret.Knowing the meaning  all the people in the world will be blessed, in this birth and it  will  remove the bondage and attachment. The four Vedas were created by the power Lord Shiva, and subsequently they got expanded.

The North east direction face of Lord Shiva is  called Eesaana face. From it appeared Siva aagamam(essence of Vedas). From the east face called Thathpuruda face appeared Rig Veda with its 21 branches, From the south face called Akora face appeared Yajur Veda with its 100 branches, from the North face called Vamadeva face appeared  Sama vedam with its 1000 branches, from the west force called Sathyojatham appeared Atharvana veda with its 9 branches.Vedas are four. Hence  asramas(stages in life) and Varunams(caste) are four in number. Sacred laws(Dharmams)and Yagnas appeared on ythe path of Vedas. They are two in number, i.e., Pooja rules for Lord Shiva called Karma Kaandam and Sat, Chith, anantha form of Shiva called Gnana Kaandam. Vedas are the final authority for all those who adhere to the path of Vedas. They are divided into to two called Smrithy and smartha. Those that follow smartha are called Vaithigam. The best among them is called Suddha sanmaarga saivaim. One should follow this firmly. There is nothing higher than what has been said above. Let them clear all your doubts. So saying Lord Shiva disappeared. The sages having overcome their doubts felt very happy.

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