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March 14,2011
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(The beating of Meru with flower bouquet.)

Madurai became prosperous. The worries of ukkira Pandiyan came to an end. Both he and his wife Kanthimathi  were living happily. Kanthimathi became pregnant. A beautiful male child was born to them.The child was named as Veera Pandiyan. When the child was three years old, he was taught all divine slokas and he learnt them by heart. It was a treat for the ears to hear the child reciting them in babbling talk. Kanthimathi felt very happy. It is a rule that The couples who observe Somavara Vratham, will be rewarded with such an intelligent child. The child was sent to gurukulam for learning. Veera Pandiyan also studied well. Just like his father, he was very outstanding in sword fight, boxing etc., Towards this time a famine struck Madurai. The famine occurred due to the bad Planetary movements. Ukkira Pandiyan invited the astrologers and priests to discuss with them about the same and requested them to study the planetary positions deeply and suggestions to overcome and come out this situation. Priests suggested that for one more year there will be no rains. This time Ukkira Pandiyan did not wish to approach Indran. On the contrary he went to Somasundarar temple and prayed Him and Goddess Meenakshi. But Somasundarar did not respond to his prayers. God Somasundarar appeared in Ukkira Pandiyan’s dream when he returned to the palace completely dejected.

“Ukkira Pandiyan,   do not worry. If it does not rain then one should find out alternate way and means to remove the famine of the people. I will  suggest you a way. There is a king of Mountain by the name MERU. He remains in the form of mountain. He is hiding lot  of wealth in the caves of the mountain. Even if you bring one portion of that hidden wealth, Madurai will be prosperous till the world exists. Meru is  arrogant because of the wealth he has. You break that arrogance by striking him with the flower bouquet that I have given to you already. Then return back to your country with that wealth. This is going tobe a very hazardous journey. One who wants to gather wealth cannot  do it very easily. One has to come cross and also face powerful storms and severe rains  as well as ups and down during the journey. This is a philosophy of life. To achieve success in your efforts you should struggle. So start” Thus saying the Lord disappeared from his dream. On waking up from the sleep the king became very happy. Not only he will get wealth but alsothe pride and fame of Pandyan kingdom will spread to Meru mountain beyond Himalaya mountain. He ordered the army to start immediately. Sumathi, the minister, made all the necessary preparations. They crossed several countries on the way and reached Kasi. The soldiers took bath in the Holy Ganges river and worshipped Kasi Viswanathar,Visalakshi and Annapoorani. They climbed the Himalayan mountain. They crossed the NIdatha Country(King Nala’s country and reached Meru mountain.

Meru mountain stood arrogantly. Lord Shiva has kept this mountain as his bow.  Because of that, in order honour that mountain Ukkira Pandiyan said “O” king, I am the king of the Pandiyan kingdom.  With great difficulty and hazardous journey I have come here. You should give your wealth to remove our poverty. There was no rain in our country. It is the duty of big kings to protect the citizens. You should help us who have come with the welfare of the people in mind.” The Meru stood without any movement. Ukkira Pandiyan became very hot. He said “Arrogant Mountain, Just watch what I am going to do.” He struck the mountain with the flower bouquet made of gold, given by Lord Shiva to him. The very strong Meru Mountain could not with stand the strike of the ball(Golden flower bouquet) and gave way. Fire balls appeared at several parts of the mountain. The palaces of the celestials broke down. They rushed out of their palaces with anxiety. The King of Meru Mountain came and stood before Ukkira Pandiyan.

“You have injured me with a small flower bouquet. No one dared to strike at me so far. This bouquet will not be a ordinary one. Just explain to me its special power.”said the king of Meru Mountain. Ukkira Pandian replied “O” King, this was given by Lord Sundareswarar. You got the pain when I struck you with that. At least give me the wealth that I have requested for.” He further said “ O” Meru God, I do not believe that you are not aware of the reason  for the failure of rains in our country.Is it not possible for you to solve the ill effects of the planetary positions.” Meru King replied “ O” King the reason for the failure of rains in your country is not only because of the planetary positions alone.  My carelessness is also one  reason. To worship daily Meeenakshi and Sundareswarar I travel in the sky for a few hours.  No one’s eyes can see me and my visit. Because of my visit, the air coming from the Pothigai hills  will be stopped and thus your area was getting rains regularly. Once because of the test given by Lord Indran it did not rain.

You recovered back the clouds created by me and brought rains. Now because of my sinful deeds, it did not rain. That is, recently one day when I was flying that side in the sky, I saw a beautiful woman. Because of my infatuation on her My Madurai journey was stopped. I had an illegal relationship with her. Because of this I got polluted and could not worship. After that I could not visit Madurai. Even then, since I had enormous wealth I was proud and arrogant and remained here itself.  With the strike on me by the Bouquet given by Lord Shiva,e I got relieved from my sinful acts. Here after I will get back my ability to fly once again. You can take the entire wealth from the caves.” The army of the Pandiyan kingdom removed the closed doors of the caves. There was so much of wealth which no one can believe.Ukkira Pandiyan piled up the wealth in to small mounds and distributed it to the citizens. The entire Pandiyan Kingdom had copious rain and became prosperous once again. The hunger of all citizens were removed. Ukkira Pandiyan ruled for several years and then crowned his son Veera Pandiyan. Gave him the mandate to rule the country. Then reached the lotus feet of God Soma sundarar(died).

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