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March 14,2011
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There was no rain both in Pandiyan kingdom and Cheran kingdoms. There was famine in the whole of Tamilnadu. There was no end for the sufferings of the people. The store room  or granary in the palace was getting emptied as the grains were distributed to the people endlessly.Only when there is wealth there will be fight and quarrel. There will be unity when there is hunger. The kings of Chera , Chola and Pandiyan kingdoms who were fighting among themselves as to who is superior, met at Madurai and examined the ways and means to over come the famine. They decided to go to Pothigai hil where Sage Agasthiyar was staying and request to suggest the ways and means to tackle this famine. All of them first worshipped Lord Somasundarar and Goddess Meenakshi and requested them that after meeting Sage Agasthiyar it should rain heavily and Tamilnadu should prosper there after. Then all the three kings reached Pothigai hill. Sage Agasthiyar was staying in his ashramam with his wife Lobamuthrai. The worshipped the couple. The sage welcomed them and blessed them. He felt very sad on hearing the matter told by them.

He said “O” Kings  as per the planetary positions there is no chance for the rains to occur for another twelve years. There is only one solution for this. And that is praying Lord Indran. Make arrangements to meet and see him.  If  his blessings are obtained, he will send Lord Varuna the Rain God and make him to bring rain”. Though both the chera and chola kings agree for this proposition, the Pandiya king did not agree as there is enemity between him and Lord Indran already. The Pandiya king told to the sage “ Great Sage . There is already a misunderstanding between me and Lord Indran. I performed lot of yaagams for the welfare of my country and its people. But Indran thought that I am trying to capture his post/position. Hence he directed the seven seas to Madurai through Lord Varunan.  I with the help of the Vel  given by my father stopped them. Because of this he is annoyed and angry with me. He who considers me as his enemy may help the Chera and Chla kings but will refuse to help me. Hence I am not interested to see him. Kindly tell me anyother alternative suggestions. “  Sage Agasthiyar laughed and told “ Ukkira Pandiya  We should be mature enough to convert  a foe into a friend. For that austerities will help. Those who are in public service, should have enormous patience. For the sake of the well fare of their people they should try to adjust with all. If you want to become friendly with Indran, you should observe Soma Vaara Vratham(austerity on all Mondays). I will give you the details about that Vratham.”Then the sage further said “ O” Kings, The somavara Vratham should commence on a Monday in the tamil month Karthigai(Nov/Dec). In case if it has to begin on other months  then the Monday on the bright half of a lunar month. It will be better if  new moonday(amavasai) falls on that Monday. From the previous Sunday night to Monday night one should have complete fasting. On that Monday visit all shrines of Lord shiva. Especially, those who are living in Madurai  by observing his vratham will get crores of Punniyam. By observing this vratham enmity will disappear. The prayers made to the God will fructified. “They promised Sage Agasthiyar that they wil observe that Vratham and returned to their places. They observed the Soma vara vratham. As a result of observing this vratham, Lord Indra sent his Pushpaga Vimanam and invited all the three kings to visit the Celestial world. They all went there .

Indran welcomed them and requested them to be seated. The Chera,and  Chola, kings sat in their seats. But Ukkira Pandiyan refused to sit in the seat. Indran was sitting in a throne which was in a higher position than the seat offered to Ukkira Pandiyan which he did not like. He sat on a seat next to that of Indran”s  throne equal in level/position. Indran  did not know what to do as he was in a precarious position. If he asks to get up one who has already seated it may appear that he is making a small matter to look big. So he controlled his anger and acted as if he is not aware of it. He asked them to tell him the purpose of their visit. Both the Chera and Chola kings explained to him the purpose of their visit. He told them that since they have come by reposing faith in him, he will make necessary arrangements for rain to fall in their countries. Since Ukkirapandiyan is very hot, he is going to offer him a better prize/gift.  He asked the servant to bring the Muthu Maalai(garland of pearls). Ten soldiers carried the maalai which was kept in a plate with very great difficulty. If one wears that malai unable to bear its weight one’s head will hung. So much weight. They kept it before UkkiraPandiyan. Indran told him to wear it.

Indran wanted to insult Ukkira Pandiyan by doing this test. Because one single individual can not even lift that maalai all alone. Ukkira pandiyan by not able to lft the maalai wiil be insulted and he (Indran) can laugh seeing his position and clap his hands. But what happened was an unexpected one. As soon the soldiers kept the plate with the maalai on the floor with great difficulty, Ukkira Pandyan took it just like that very easily wore it in his neck and stood up majestically. Indran and all other celestials were frightened on seeing this feat.Then Indran told to Ukkira Pandiyan, “ Your valour and strength are tob appreciated. You just wore it on your neck by lifting it  with just one hand which no one can do. Here after the whole world will praise you calling you “AARAM  SOOZHNTHA PANDIYAN”. Ukkira Pandiyan did not care for this praise made by Indran . All the three kings left Indra Loham to their respective countries. There was rain in both Chera and Chola kingdoms. Because of Indran’s pride and treachery Pandiyan kingdom did not get any rain. Both Ukkira Pandiyan and His wife Kanthimathi continued to observe the soma vara vratham . They discussed between themselves the ways to humble Indran and bring the rain. The king and the queen put their belief only on Soma sundarar. The result came for the observance of the vratham. Ukkira Pandiyan was hunting near Pothigai hills. He saw Kalamugi, Thronam, Pushkala varuththam, and Sankaariththam the heads four types of clouds strolling there. They will go in all directions and rain as per the directions of Indra. Ukkirapandiyan went rushing towards them and imprisoned them. Those angels were kept in the prison. Lord Indra got angry on hearing this news. A stage came that there will not be rain in any part of the world. So the army of celestials sieged Madurai. The army under the command of minister Sumathi fought with them.

There was great loss for the army of the celestials. Indra was in a dilemma as to what to do. There was no alternative left. So he through the Vajrayutham towards Ukkira Pandiyan. Ukkira Pandiyan did not lose heart. He threw the bangle given by his father before he became God towards the Vajrayutham. That bangle broke the vajrayutham into several pieces and removed the crown of Indra. Indran stood bowing down his head. On seeing the fate and position of their leader the army of Indran surrendered to Ukkira Pandiyan. Ukkira Pandiyan told Indran “ Indra I can kill you now within a second. But we show mercy towards enemy also and that is the characteristic of the ruling clan of Madurai. So just leave this place”. Indran went back to his world with shame. The people of the world will suffer if it does not rain at all as Ukkira Pandiyan has captured the angels for rain and kept them in captivity. So Indran sent a messenger, to Ukkira Pandiyan with a message to release the angels. After reading the message the king refused to release them from the prison telling that they will remain at Madurai under his control only and will make it rain three times in a Month at Madurai only. At that time One Ekaveeeran who was sitting in the king’s audience hall(Arasavai in Tamil)stood up immediately and said “O” king Don’t be obstinate. We may get water because of your obstinacy. But water is a common for all. It should be available for the entire world and through out the world. Please release the angels of clouds from prison.. I am a friend of Indra. I will speak to him. I will ask him to make necessary arrangements  to get rains for Madurai regularly without fail. This is my promise and I confirm it. You can do this by reposing faith on me and believing me. Ukkira Pandiyan who is an incarnation of Lord Muruga agreed for this. The angels of clouds were released and they reached Indran. Ekaveeran went and met Indran spoke to him and ensured  regular rains three times in a month at Pandiyan kingdom.. The country prospered.

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